A power station in the city of Qom, similar to those launched an Iranian company created in Basra

Iran proceed with the establishment of gas power station in Basra, at a cost of two billion and 500 million dollars.......Announced the company (MAPNA Iranian), on Tuesday, the direct creation of gas power station in the province of Basra three thousand megawatts card worth two billion and 500 million dollars, according to a contract with Iraq, and as pointed out that Iran will finance the entire project, said that the contract required Iraq to purchase electricity from the station during the period lasts from 15 to 17 years. The Managing Director of the Company (MAPNA Iranian) Abbas Ali Abadi in an interview for the site (Press TV) news Iranian I followed (range Press), that "the company embarked on the implementation of gas Rumaila plant to generate electricity rotatory card three thousand megawatts and a $ 2.5 billion after more than a year and a half years of negotiations with the Iraqi side. " Abadi said, "Iran will be covered by the project fully funded," asserting that "the contract is required Iraq to buy Iraqi government electric power produced from the station for a stretch of 15 to 17 years."
The contract with the Iranian company after the signing of success erected plants in Najaf and Baghdad, which is about to receive fuel Iranian gas through the pipeline to come into operation soon.

According to the contract the company will (MAPNA) Iran's processing power station equipment, which include steam and gas turbine engines and Albualrat in addition to the implementation of engineering activities and supervision of the project.

It is expected that this project will enhance the overall production of electricity power in Iraq by 20%, and which seeks to generate 20 thousand MW by 2016.

It will take four years to build the plant expected to link the first generating unit of the power plant with the national power grid in early 2017 with.

Iraq has suffered a shortage of electricity since the beginning of the year 1990, and increased hours of rationing electricity after the year 2003, in Baghdad and the provinces, because made a lot of stations as well as sabotage attacks on its facilities over the past years, with increased hours of power cuts for citizens to about twenty hours per day, as witnessed during the last term significant improvement as continued operating hours to about 23 hours, especially after the low temperatures.