Iranian company to start the implementation of the largest contract for the supply of engineering and technical services to Iraq

Follow-up scales News - Group Chief Executive, MBNA Industrial Engineering, Iran announced in starting the implementation of the largest contract for the supply of Iranian technical and engineering services worth $ 2.5 billion for Iraq through the power station in Basra processing. Abbas Ali Abadi and between in a press statement that "the contract came Hsalih negotiations lasted for a year and a half between the group MBNA Corporation Jordanian-Iraqi Achammarh, and comes after the successful implementation of the project Najaf and Sadr station in Baghdad, which are working with gas, where it was awarded the contract with a session Rumaila station vehicle in Basra Group every sense as well. " He added that "the Iraqi government ratified the contract between the group [MBNA] and the Iraqi Achammarh Jordanian company for the development of power plant combined cycle production of 3000 MW in the Rumaila outskirts of the city of Basra.
Said Executive Director of the Iranian group, that "the project cost of $ 2.5 billion, and operational phases of the station Rumaila electric with combined cycle will last 4 years," adding that "this major thermal station equipped with 12 units gas turbines and 6 units of steam turbine."

He pointed out that "the industry and securing gas turbine capacity of 18 MW and steam capacity of 160 MW next to the generators and systems power and control and heat recovery boilers, will be covered by the factories engineering companies and industry turbine group MBNA and Berto and Pars and Macau and equipment of the MBNA boilers."

He stressed that "the project is the largest export contract for engineering and technical services to the country, and that the process of establishing the Rumaila station will have a positive impact by providing employment opportunities in Iraq and Iran, as well as the contract the rather remarkable international character Vsahakq profits denominated in hard currency."

He pointed out that "the Rumaila station will enter the public network in the next 16 months, and can generate 18 Milirikl watt / hours of electricity per year."

Ali Abadi said that "a government contract is not being Kasian agreement sectors, and that the project will provide capacity for Iraq by 20 percent,"