The American document: so naive Christian turns to suicide

The "Alex", a young 23-year-old American humiliating Education in Sunday school and works accompany the children, and they tremble from hyper sense of enthusiasm and excitement shared with friends on the site "Twitter" she converted to Islam.Over the past months had been "Alex" feel that the bonds of piety and become closer relationship between them and a group of friends, they knew most of her life in subtle and a sense of them, and that these friends have taught her what it means to be a Muslim.Little by little they took Ihdthonha for "Islamic state" and how the group works to build a nation in Syria and Iraq, where the righteous believers can live them as dictated by the law of God.

One of these in particular, named Faisal, was able to touch them even more like a permanent Comrade Pat, and became spends long hours with them every day on "Twitter" and "Skype" and emailed Mottaghma bother guidance to rules and principles of belief.But what I told him that once and joy fills her heart, she found a nearby mosque not far from her home, where you live with her ​​grandfather and grandmother in Washington state, only eight kilometers until injury chill suddenly.

He told her that Muslims are the only ones who should be familiar with them are those who communicate with them via the Internet and urged them to keep it on this picture, arguing that Muslims are persecuted in the United States. He warned her that it could stigmatize terrorism if they do not, so the best thing to do now is to keep its transformation into a new religion secretly ordered muffled does not occur by anyone until her family.

Double life
Based on this guidance it has become "Alex" living a double life.They are on the one hand and continued teaching in the church, but the radio in the car shipping led no longer Isdh Christian tunes.Instead it became a hums in the way songs "Daash" flowing from the apparatus "iPhone" and became even dream in the waking hours in life amid militants.

Says "Alex", who spoke on customary condition to conceal the true identity-sufficiency in its name impostor that you use on the Internet: "I became I feel as if I am bluffing God and Christianity, but I also feel excited because I became to me every so many new friends."

Although ideologically "Daash" frank contradiction with the West, the group is making relentless efforts to recruit Westerners among the ranks of them eager to be exploited in Makintha huge propaganda.Since the beginning of this year, 100 Americans traveled at least to join the organization in Syria and Iraq, out of nearly 4,000 Western did the same.

Analysts say the extent to which "Daash" reached in its efforts to recruit amplified exponentially thanks to the huge cadre of workers, messengers on social networking sites.The community itself perpetuate terrorist work across the network over a 24-hour non-stop, and then multiply this event thanks to the extensive large rings growing sympathizers and admirers volunteers who hand down their messages and views are actively considering even Aouseloha to recruits Future.

Attempts attractions
Members of the ring, signed by "Alex" via the Internet, which subsumed beneath several dozens of accounts, some dating back to the people they knew about themselves directly as members of the Islamic state or from analysts specialists believed terrorism that they have direct links to the group, they spent together thousands of hours over more than six months in attracting girls to them.They were sending them money and gifts Amatarunha chocolate, and they were in Itbston talk to her and Astrslon to satisfy her curiosity and satisfy her passion and calm the fears they drive it down the path of fanatical religious concepts, which was founded by "Daash".

Extended with "Alex" interviews and her family, as well as take a look at correspondence her e-mail and correspondence Twitter and private messages and conversations that are exchanged with them via "Skype", which agreed to brief us on the condition to conceal the real names and the name of the town, which they inhabit, opened in front of our eyes a rare window on the severity the efforts made ​​by extremists in order to teach the young American principles of their faith by intensifying sense of isolation from her family and her community.

Nasser and Dadi, an expert on Middle East affairs is looking in the face of advertising methods used by extremists, he says: "We all have a natural protector Msadda us in our minds stave off harmful ideas, and those looking for a weak point in this bumper and attacking them."

To get to the house, "Alex" from the nearest town visitor passes Square parking large trucks then drove for a kilometer and a half across a broad overview of the wheat fields And clover.Says "Alex": "my grandfather and my grandmother loved life amid wasted space here, but I loved the life of the community and captures the feeling of unity here."

Long live the "Alex" with her ​​grandparents almost all their lives, they are with them since he was 11 months old when her mother lost custody of them she was suffering from drug addiction.The attending physician, says that "Alex" suffering from alcohol syndrome with embryos that Oorttha shiver in the hands also contributed to keep them permanently attaining the status of minus and a weakened capacity for governance and appreciation.

Her family says that this explains only part of what happened to her on the internet.

Cope with trauma
The "Alex" has been cut off from going to college in the past year, and was earning $ 300 a month from her babysitter for children two days a week and taught children in her church Sunday School Day weekend.In the House it was moving clocks to watch movies on the site "Netflix" and update schedules on the social networking sites.

She says her grandmother, aged 68 years, and that have already fondle eight of her children and grandchildren in her humble home simple: "All children are spreading their wings and fly, but she Such a lost child."

On August 19, an alert message on the phone, "Alex" predict Newsflash from "CNN" flowers appeared.News said that "James Foley," a journalist were not heard his name before, may beheaded by a group were not known anything about it.Image Jath, a young man on his knees and lifted the knife to his neck remained haunted and could not be freeIncluding.

It paralyzed killing her feelings, and under the influence of curiosity horror hit came at the expense of Twitter to see if they can learn more.He says: "I was looking for anyone who is pleased with what these people are doing in order to understand why they're doing it. It was not to find this person is difficult."

Then she found herself infected with a new shock when she saw that people who speak of belonging to the "Islamic state", also known as the "Daash", are ready to give it what it wants from time respondents politely to her questions.
He says: "Once you have touched in a sincere curiosity for knowledge showed the utmost kindness. They took ask questions about my family and where I am and what is my goal that I am trying to achieve in life."

Was the first person continued, including the relationship between him and the man told her that he is a fighter of "Daash" named Munther Hamad and it is stationed at a site near Damascus.And soon by Jesus exchanging talk for hours every day, it was a spontaneous exchanges interspersed with cartoons faces and expressions of humor fees.Through those conversations, and the same spontaneity, tuck Munther question: "Have you ever thought as I told you it about Islam?"

What happened after that walked on exactly contained in the "Al Qaeda in Iraq" approach booklet entitled: "separation of training in the art of recruitment," which took place a copy of it in the hands of US forces in IraqIn 2009.

Recruitment guide
This booklet is directed to make the maximum possible time with the person who recruited envisaged and stay in regular contact with him. The brochure says that the courier recruitment to listen well to his interlocutor and shared joys and sorrows in order to approach it more Vokther.bad on the courier recruitment effort that focuses on instilling basic rules of Islam with care to avoid mention of jihad.Booklet, which we saw a copy of it preserved in the archives "conflict records Research Center" at the National Defense University in Washington, says: "Start religious rites put your focus on them."

Munther Hamad face "Alex" download application named "Islamic axis" on her iPhone, and by this application become receive "prophetic sayings" on a daily basis, and I felt "Alex" that it has finally found her feel what she is doing something. He says: "I spend a lot of time alone, and they are on the Internet all the time." Correspondence via "Twitter" during that period strewn here and there correspondences begin with the words "I have a question of the heart," and then followed that phrase query regarding religious or theological issue of, and they respond to her questions on the spot without hesitation.

In the past, you have to wait hours before they come to her response from her friends, but her phone is now ringing all day warning to the arrival of update or alert the arrival of a message or a call or drawing face cartoon or voice messages on time to time they take the initiative them and facing them pay from For its part, as if to ask: How allows jihadists to themselves cut off people's heads?
But at that time he had begun to have generated deep doubts the sincerity of the image that the media presents an image of the "Islamic state" and provide their members that they are murderers and brutal:.Says "Alex": "I was sure that what is being said about them is contrary to fact." %3D97138