Iraqi Council of Representatives a statement on the Turkish bombardment of targets inside Iraqi territory

In the name of Allah the Merciful.......It launches Turkish military aircraft during bombing operations inside Iraqi territory, inflicted serious damage to the lives and property of Iraqi citizens and villages neighboring the border. At a time when the Iraqi parliament is keen to consolidate and develop the relations with Turkey on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs and take care of the common interests of the two peoples neighbors, it confirms the rejection and condemnation of the violation of Iraq's sovereignty and airspace, and calls for the State of Turkey to stop the violation. As the continuation of these policies will negatively affect the bilateral relations between the two countries. And as the House of Representatives commends any sincere effort to address the Daash it calls for Turkey to take all the necessary actions that will prevent the infiltration of terrorists across the border, and calls on the House of Representatives of the Iraqi government to take all the required steps to stop this violation and prevent its recurrence and to protect Iraq's sovereignty and security of its citizens.

Iraqi Council of Representatives