The government is preparing a new austerity affects 18 battalions to protect the thre
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Thread: The government is preparing a new austerity affects 18 battalions to protect the thre

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    The government is preparing a new austerity affects 18 battalions to protect the thre

    The government is preparing a new austerity affects 18 battalions to protect the three presidencies

    Long-Press / Baghdad - Last austerity decision probably will not be the last, serving to reduce the protections of the three presidencies, which increases the population of the 18th regiment, and it is hoped that the Cabinet vote on reduced to half.

    Parliamentary Finance Committee calls for the government to reduce the cars of the three presidencies, which cost the budget about a hundred billion dinars monthly maintenance staff expenses.

    Meanwhile, the House of Representatives sent a letter to hurry the Prime Minister demanding clarification of its earlier decision to reduce the allocations of the three presidencies.

    The decision sparked controversy represents a low point between the political blocs, between pro and dismissive, even resolved the matter by demanding religious authority to activate the decision expressing fear of becoming a "ink on paper".

    The government's decision is aimed at 29 ministers, and 22 head of the independent bodies, as well as 100 and Deputy Minister of Badrjtah and who, in addition to the more than 4,500 general manager of Badrjtah and who, along with hundreds of government advisers.

    The Iraqi government recently began the implementation of an austerity program that aims to bridge the budget deficit, which exceeded the 24% with the sharp decline in oil prices since the end of last year.

    It is estimated observers deficit doubled with fluctuating oil prices, which was estimated in the budget of $ B56 per barrel, and the rate of export daily 3.3 million barrels per day, including 550 000 barrels of the Kurdistan region, which has not been achieved since the signing of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

    The Cabinet approved, in (July 22 th, to reduce the prime minister and his deputies' salaries by 50% and the allocation of agents ministers and advisers and those with special grades of 40%).

    According to a statement, the Council of Ministers of the Republic and my salary is a key House of Representatives will be by the Prime Minister, the implementation of the resolution starting from the beginning of next August.

    According to parliamentary sources "long" that "the Council of Ministers will be presented at its tomorrow (today) Tuesday a new resolution mandating reduction of the elements of the protections of the three presidencies that up to 18 battalions in a move that falls within the new austerity plan for the government intends to implement."

    She said parliamentary sources, who spoke for the "long" on condition of anonymity, that "there are a number of austerity measures taken by the Government to address the economic situation faced by the general budget."

    He says a member of the Finance Committee MP Haider al-Mutlaq said that "all Cabinet decisions austerity is to be welcomed by the Finance Committee, especially the subject of reducing the protections of the elements of the three presidencies."

    He adds Mutlaq, he told the "long", that "there are large sums of money at their disposal the Iraqi state protections of some officials, which requires re-considered by the legislative and executive power."

    It notes the MP for the coalition of state law that "the Finance Committee discussed the reduction of the salaries of the three presidencies appropriations voted by the Council of Ministers recently, a book in a hurry and sent to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers demanding clarification of this decision."

    Mutlaq explains that "This book calls for the government to explain the minister allocations or who are Badrjtah and the implementation mechanism of the new resolution and when it will be applied in state institutions," adding that "Parliament is waiting government's response to this book."

    Turn MP Masood Haider, a member of the Finance Committee, said that "the Cabinet decision, which cut the salaries of the three presidencies allocations, which a lot of the wheel has not been studied enough."

    He said Haider, in a comment made by "long", that "the financial benefits of this decision is 35 billion dinars a month to the state treasury," noting that "fuel and maintenance of vehicles of state employees of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic expenses to the Minister and the Chancellor and the general managers of more than 100 dinars billion a month. "

    According to parliamentary sources, all Vice allocated to the 5 cars have made 500 000 dinars per month. It is devoted to hundreds of advisers 3 cars each one, and 4 for each of the Director General or Badrjtah, and receive these sums of money for maintenance and fuel.

    And calls upon Member block change cabinet to "coordinate with the House of Representatives before making such decisions thus aims to reduce allocations salaries as well as preparation of a committee of experts to be integrated decision".

    MP says Hamadoun pros, member of the Finance Committee, "The House of Representatives will present Council of Ministers, which reduced the salaries of the three presidencies allocations for discussion at one of its next decision."

    Hamadoun asserts that "will not take any decision regarding the presidencies reduce the salaries of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Representatives did not explain his decision last and how to apply it on the three presidencies."

    .. Of Mohammad Sabah %2Fالحكومة_تستعد_لتقشف_جديد_يطال_18_فوجاً_تحمي_الر ئاسات_الثلاث
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