A new book on the cash economy

7/28/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
for "National Library. Foundation Distributors Publishers" in Karbala, was released in the month of March, Dr. Ahmed Abrihi Ali, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq until his retirement on June 30, 2011, entitled "cash economy .. facts and theories and studies" .icol author introduction to his book "This book is the outcome of the reviews and research in monetary theory and exchange rate policies that Zaweltha central banks topics, the book and go to workers in monetary theory and those interested in the financial economy," the author section. The book into six chapters, eating in the first chapter theoretical understanding of money and the mechanisms created between the monetary authority, banks, and interest, role and Mahddadtha.uetoasl theoretical research in the second chapter to the study of the balance and the determinants of inflation, and presents the views of the Austrian School in origin Aladtrab.tm deals in the third quarter monetary policy tools and define the role of central banks in financial stability, and the importance of the independence of the central bank and its oversight role . In the fourth quarter Search Bureihi government debt and the importance of the role of financial sustainability as an important element of stability and its relationship with helplessness and its financing, has pointed Rehn in his foreword to separate the research methods to graduate from the tradition of cash economies and the work of banks Antrzah.alvsal fifth dealt balance under financial openness, and perceptions of the theory of the effectiveness of policy cash, interest rates and levels of Alasar.oukdm Chapter VI Iraq Case Study of the economy according to Dr. Ahmed oil in the introduction to the book and the impact of central bank interest rate and liquidity management of the budget relationship oil and hegemony.