Democratic Party calls for the survival of Barzani his position until the end of the current parliament

Twilight News / Kurdistan Democratic Party called for the survival of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, in his post until the end of the fourth session of the Parliament of Kurdistan, which expires in 2017.

And it held the presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament represented by its president and secretary Mohammad Yusuf Parliament Fakhreddin is capable, on Monday, meeting with the heads of the blocks were part of the Parliament Legal Committee without reaching a specific result to resolve the presidency of the province file.

In a statement the party issued by the political bureau, "Kurdistan transition historical and difficult, of the tense situation around the border and international war against terrorism to the various changes taking place in the region, so it must unite our voices and stand as one with our people and all the parties and political parties."

"So we demand the survival of President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in office until the end of the current fourth session of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region."

He pointed to the Democratic Party statement said discussions in the parliament and among the parties will be retained to reach a solution that suits all parties.

And spin in the corridors of political discussions for some time about whether or not to renew the mandate of the president of the region which will expire on August 19 of this year.

He took Barzani presidency of the province in 2005 and was selected in the parliament and then in direct elections took place in 2009 and get 69% of the vote, and in 2013 after the end of his mandate was renewed for two years after it occurred differences between the Kurdish parties on holding a referendum on the draft constitution of the region.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan agreed two years ago to renew the mandate of the president of the region in front of the demands of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to the Democratic agree in turn to make some amendments to the draft constitution of the region, but has not yet been any amendment to this project and are still differences ongoing around between the political parties.

Democratic Party Alchordstan held in recent weeks, negotiations with other parties, but did not reach concrete results remains to list the crisis in the region.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic Movement for Change, parties and presented draft laws determine the validity of the region's president and his deputy, as it seeks to transform the system of government in Kurdistan from presidential to parliamentary.
But the Democratic Party refused to projects submitted and proposed to extend the mandate Barzani, leader of the party which is four more years of the end of the age of the regional parliament out of the crisis.