International deadline for Iraq-running two months to pass anti-money laundering law

Monday 27 يوليو 2015 | 02:00 مساء

BAGHDAD / ... said to economic and investment commission parliamentary member Ahmed Kanani, Monday, the World Bank and other international financial institutions gave Iraq until next October as the date for the adoption of anti-money laundering law.

He warned in a press statement received "eye Iraq News", the House of Representatives of the consequences of the delay in the adoption of anti-money laundering, who said he has not received attention of the Presidency of the Parliament Act.

Kanani said that "the parliament has not yet Jul significance required for this vital law, which depends upon the continuation of economically connect Iraq with the outer perimeter and the focus of the Chamber of Deputies on the minor issues."

He added that "Iraq would be included in the black list countries in handling the financial and economic transformation not unlike the enactment of this law, the measure would eliminate the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar and put the Iraqi Central Bank in an awkward predicament makes him isolated from the world organization."

And between Kanani said that "the deadline only two months left them almost to the Speaker of Parliament that the law be included on the agenda, but the nearest session and will be responsible for the punitive economic measures to be taken by the world against Iraq."

The central bank has completed the drafting of anti-money laundering law and sent to the Council of Ministers, which was approved by the then later sent him to the House of Representatives month Almadi.anthy 1