Completion of the first phase of the great Rusafa water project 07/27/2015
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Thread: Completion of the first phase of the great Rusafa water project 07/27/2015

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    Completion of the first phase of the great Rusafa water project 07/27/2015

    Completion of the first phase of the great Rusafa water project

    Baghdad Haidar virgins - Opens the Municipality of Baghdad in the coming weeks water great Rusafa project 910 thousand cubic meters per day after business major achievement for the first phase Menh.mder Relations and Information of the Secretariat Hakim Abdel Zahra said in a statement the "morning":

    The Secretariat, in coordination with the company executing the project Rusafa water Great, it ended all electrical, mechanical and construction work for the project in the first phase, in addition to the process to provide the project with water from the river to the completion of the docks inside the special liquidation and sterilization as a prelude to pump it to areas of the capital. He attributed the reason for the delayed opening of the water great Rusafa preliminary draft Bmrahlth 910 000 cubic meters per day card, to a minor technical issues as it confirmed that he will be completed in the coming weeks, especially in the phases of the project is complete, all, noting that the current phase is witnessing end finishes high school and other matters.

    Abdul-Zahra stressed that the strategic project, which promise more importantly, will fill the need of the capital of drinking water, in addition to other projects, through the process of raw water pumping from the mounted on the Tigris River sockets to the 16 basins for deposition of single capacity of which seven thousand and 500 cubic meters.

    He stressed that the product water will be purified and sterile high ozone manner technique noted that it supported by the developed countries, revealing that the cost of sterilization mentioned equivalent to 26 times their conventional counterparts which are used Madta (alum) and (chlorine), explaining that the way ozone sterilization will ensure water purification very safe manner, and thus integrity of all kinds of bacteria, including algae and (nitrates) and (iron oxide), in addition to the subjects (manganese) and (Alentrnett) usually associated with water Alcherb.mder Relations and Information of the Secretariat said that the process (Aoznh water), which is the latest scientific methods used in water purification around the world, carried out through the air withdrawn from the air and then dried high Balvoltaih and dissolve it in water to be purified adoption devices high-tech equipment that has been installed in all phases of the project work of chlorine buildings and filters of numbering about 250 thousand dropper and equipped with specialized cleaning.

    And disclosed that the project, launched in the first of the month of September of the year 2009 and the duration of the work set at 39 months, over a series of obstacles and difficulties, a summary of them abuses the various developments on the territory of the project, in addition to changing the course of watering agricultural land stations in the region (Sredat) , as well as the removal and transfer of electricity poles high pressure, as well as the acquisition of vast tracts of agricultural land belonging to peasants.
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