Investment clubs

Kazem al-Tai
Sports clubs in Iraq have suffered from financial problems and other burdens had exhausted her career in many cases everyday details and did not stop the complaint of a lack of supplies and lack of support and debt due to the large number of contracts with players, coaches and the organization of internal and external camps. Excuses ready-made permanent and the complaint launched by most Iraqi clubs in the past years was due to lack of planning and investment and the lack of projects designated to perform mathematical functions and receive more youth and talent between the shores .ottalb situation through which the clubs to reconsider the procedures and steps have not achieved full wishes.
Several competitions were held in the country has seen an apology of some of the clubs for participating in the weak financial capacity and the difficulty of dealing with the new professionalism which entered the sports arena in recent years, and tasked the budgets of the teams and the imposition of the large sums of money were not in the account did not put in their curricula and programs of the previous what gives reason for hope in the success of Such traded on the move around the world.
Initiatives taken place here and there in the lift put some clubs held under the care item or investment, but it does not accomplish all dilemmas and optimal image given in the publication and embrace professional standards and development capacity, according to the case in advanced clubs and going their way .massarv, institutions and businessmen supported the march clubs but things need to be long-term plans and investments perpetuate and provide liquidity for one season or more in lifting action sports from the recession experienced by our clubs and launched appeals of cooperation and support to continue its activities under the complex circumstances oblige them to create large contracts and the introduction of experience and talent to Demomtha.akhar Photos support for the Iraqi teams came from Najaf and specifically of its airport administration to stand while maintaining the parent team, who have suffered in the past years of poor results and immigration pillars of coaches and players and the weakness of its base and breadth of physical problems and other challenges had exhausted its fans and the sons of deer desert in the face of what hampered from Araqil.hnak Other indicators for the similar steps with clubs is Najaf in shaping tomorrow's landmarks close cooperation sustains its activities at least in season or two seasons .mash young people worked on the lifting of some restrictions on the clubs track and allowed investing and waiting for this step to subsequent supplements to promote it and hoping to find our clubs doors which folds across all current and future problems.