Parliament extends its procedures to contain the electrical energy crisis

Two children, invoking the banner critical of the lack of electricity in Iraq... Twilight News / said the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that an expanded meeting will be held on Monday with the inspectors and ministries of electricity, oil and finance that there should be another meeting next Wednesday, the Chairman of the Committee on Energy ministry and the ministers concerned to find a solution to the current electricity crisis. He pledged Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi on Sunday to resign if he fails to solve the electricity shortage crisis that the country complaining about them for decades. Said committee member Mohammed Hamidi Twilight News, "The Integrity Commission is hosting today the parliamentary inspectors general of the ministries of electricity, oil and finance to discuss the power crisis in the country, to be the host for managers Amumien in relevant ministries to discuss the same problem." Hamidi said that "the Commission will host the Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, ministers of oil, electricity and Finance next Wednesday to discuss the energy crisis broadly," adding that "the meeting will be attended by the committees of energy and services, and integrity." The tunnel Iraq billions of dollars over the past decade but failed to provide electricity for the population as a result of what observers said that the corruption of young decades. And increase the suffering of the population with repeated power cuts in the summer when temperatures touching fifty Celsius.