Politicians: tribal law is an important step to fortify society against sectarianism

Since more than ten years, the sectarianism Islamic political parties in Iraq are seeking to impose their control and authority and laws on Iraqis, ......BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab Counting politicians approve the tribal law that is conducive to strengthening the pillars of society and pruning norms tribal authentic than the right of some negative phenomena, stressing that it is an important step to fortify the Iraqi society from the ills of Taivih.rias Commission clans parliamentary Abboud al-Issawi said that the adoption of tribal law is very important because it will contribute to pruning in the tribal customs of some negative phenomena,
noting that his committee is continuing to assess and study the law of all its present forms to get him to preserve the authenticity of clans and history plagued in history. He said in a statement the "morning", that "the Committee was able after extensive conversations with the Legal Committee of the convergence of views on the law and going by about speeding up approval," pointing out that "the next legislative term will see the extensive create a prelude to its inclusion on a list of ready-made laws to read." He noted that "the views of the committee members intersected in some paragraphs of the law, but the dialogues intensive led to the adjustment of the level of dialogue and mature vision objective hope through which the law was passed," asserting that "differences of opinion create an atmosphere of work to mature the bill will lead to positive results support the work of the clans in the unification of the national ranks and the restoration of security, which will be achieved through Tkacvha with the security forces. "
Turn between clans parliamentary committee rapporteur unique Brahimi that the law aims to regulate the political and social attitudes of tribal leaders and highlight their role in the new Iraq.
He added, in a statement the "morning", "The most important paragraphs of the law emphasizes the clan profile that represents the historical authenticity to the people of Iraq through its affiliation to the nation and not to the party or specific category or range," noting that "the law will stimulate the communication between tribes across representatives from the Senate, which would be a shield to protect Iraq from the north to the south. "
While the view of the social researcher Abdul-Karim al-Zuhairi told the "morning", that "the adoption of tribal law will lead to the strengthening of tribal spirit that keeps the values ​​of the community and increase the cohesion and prevent him Rip and strife," pointing to "the role of the great clans during the current stage in addressing terrorism and sectarian strife.