Araji says he personally will take care of rebuilding market Bani Saad

Twilight News / Prime Minister told the delegation Bahaa al notables hand of Khan Bani Saad on Monday that he personally will take care of rebuilding the market after around a huge blow to rubble. A statement to the Office of Araji responded to Twilight News that he received at his office in Baghdad, and a delegation of elders hand Khan Bani Saad in the province of Diyala. And Deputy Prime Minister listened to a detailed explanation made by the elders about their suffering and the state of security and service deterioration that hit the area during the last period. They said that "the Council of Ministers was a pioneer in issuing a decision quickly led to take practical steps to compensate the martyrs and wounded in the terrorist bombing of the side," adding that "these attacks come to cover up its successive defeats suffered by the organizing Daash terrorist". "The Council of Ministers may also face compensation committees have spoken to the center and carry out urgent action and payment of compensation away from the rings routine." Araji also announced a "guaranteed personally rebuilding hand market Bani Saad, who was assaulted criminal, in response to the challenge of a terrorist act cowardly", adding that "the practical response would be unity and unite the Iraqi people of all stripes and further work and tender Aziz for our country." Earlier this month, a huge explosion occurred in a crowded market with people purchasing groceries in hand which left at least a hundred people dead and dozens wounded in the latest attack wreaked havoc in the market. It is located on the 18 km southwest of Baquba, and is the largest areas of Diyala province and safest in the past nine years