Wasit oil projects provide hundreds of jobs and the development of infrastructure

Governor's morning {}: big movement in the implementation of service projects during the last two years KUT - Shahid Hassan al-Azzawi At a time when the province of Wasit announced high Badra oil field production rate of crude-free gas (H2S) after the launch of the fifth well, it revealed for providing hundreds of jobs and the development of infrastructure through the investment of oil projects in the province. Governor of Wasit province Engineer Malik Khalaf said in a statement the "morning": that productive energy and raw field Badra oil rose from 28 000 barrels per day to 35 000 barrels per day of light-free gas oil (H2S), after it was total production in the field Earlier this year, 17 000 barrels per day.
Between and behind the high production came after the inauguration of the fifth oil well in the field, adding that the Russian company Gazprom Kaz implementing the project Badra oil field in seeking access to its oil production to 45 000 barrels per day later this year.
The governor pointed out that the company issued a tender to drill 13 new oil wells in preparation to get to 170 000 barrels per day during 2017.
He added that the company told us about it seeks to exploit associated with the process of extraction of crude oil in power generation gas connection will be sent to the gas surplus to Zubaydiah power station thermal 70 km north of Kut, pointing out that the field when he arrived peak in oil production during 2017 will produce 100 million cubic feet of associated gas in addition to 600 tons per day of liquid gas and 300 tons per day of sulfur.
He said the governor of Wasit contribution of Russian Kaz Gazprom to provide hundreds of jobs for the people of the province with an amount of five million dollars annually for the development of infrastructure and service facilities in the district of Badra, as well as the establishment of developmental courses in the field viscous conservative circles staff in those sessions.
He said maintaining a large movement in the implementation of service projects experienced during the past two years, but recently stalled due to failure to approve the receipt of payments the budget year 2015, indicating that the amount of the petro-dollar amount of five dollars per barrel, which is really the province would be enough to end the state of the delay in the implementation of service projects, pointing at the same time that the province has not received so far their share of the petro-dollar amounts, according to the exported oil through the fields of Ahdab and Badra oilfields.
Includes Wasit province two oilfields first is Ahdab west of Kut field and has an average production of 140 thousand barrels per day, the second field is the Badra oil field 90 km east of Kut, which pumping business began the year in 2014 and reached its production today to 35 000 barrels per day.