Iraq adopts a new mechanism for the entry of goods across the Jordanian port of Umm Qasr

Twilight News / Iraq will depend on the entry of goods coming from Jordan through the port of Umm Qasr in Basra province, farther south because of the control of the organization Daash at land border ports in Anbar province west of the country. The head of the Iraqi Advisory Office Amer Abdul-Jabbar has been suggested in the 13th of this month to prevent the next Ahahanat Trebil through western Iraq from entering the capital, Baghdad, and change the course of the coming transfer of goods to Jordan, to the port of Umm Qasr. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce today, the minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, met in Amman, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Supply Jordanian Maha Ali was at the meeting to discuss ways to develop bilateral relations between the two countries and the entry of goods through the southern ports. The statement quoted Karim as saying that the two sides discussed ways to develop trade and economic relations and to find a new mechanism for the entry of goods across the Jordanian port of Umm Qasr south of the country. Abdul Karim noted the importance of the relationship with Jordan being one of the important ports of Iraq as well as being the gateway to Iraq and to the world can be to take advantage of the capabilities of Jordan specialized in the fields of trade, industry and logistics.
Noting there are there is an agreement focused on many topics contribute to the development of economic and trade relations and to address some of the barriers that stand in the way of opening up economic and trade relations. For her part, she engineered and Minister of Trade and Industry and Supply Jordanian Maha Ali said trade relations between the two countries will reach an advanced stage in the light of the desire of the leadership of the two countries in the development and upgrade them. And he confirmed that it had discussed with Iraqi Minister of Trade measures to ensure the entry of materials to Iraq through the southern port of Umm Qasr and facilitate the introduction of goods process is transparent and easy. It controlled Daash terrorist organization since the middle of last year on the perpetrators of Trebil and newborn frontier in Anbar province. Iraq and neighboring countries associated with a range of border ports, including the perpetrators of the newborn and Rabia with Syria, and Jordan with Trebil port, and port Arar with Saudi Arabia, and the perpetrators of Shalamcheh and Mundhiriyah with Iran, and port Abraham, which links Iraq to Turkey.