Economic revival requires global investments

Hassan al-Asadi: infrastructure, one of the main pillars... BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb represents the success of the investment business first actors of economic development steps through to achieve major economic feasibility for all production and service joints, as well as providing billions of dollars from the federal budget state can not be provided under the current circumstance, according to expert in economic affairs. Eng. Hassan Hadi al-Asadi said in an interview for the "morning" that the renovation investment methods lead to the achievement of economic feasibility could promote the economy of Iraq, which has the elements of renaissance grasp all the specialized international companies.
He noted that the most encouraging investment environment rules is to build a real infrastructure, promote the country to the levels required to Iraq occupies a position between the developed countries and help him to continue the development of its economy, and help to reducing its number of ministries and convert some of them to regulatory bodies as is the case in many developed countries, as well as the conversion of the ministries that are the functions Trchigaha to the provinces in support of management decentralization in the country, pointing out that they dealt with the case of redundant early retirement state in all cases responsible for the payment of their salaries and it is best to encourage them to retire early and take advantage of them in the private sector.

The al-Asadi had suggested in an interview earlier adoption of several quick steps promote the sectors of services public, such as electricity, water and sewage, health, transport, roads, bridges, telecommunications and housing to high levels and remove from the state for the expenses is not in the current capabilities or even long-term at best, noting that the electricity sector estimates say that Iraq needs more than $ 300 billion in order to arrive electricity service to all regions of Iraq and rebuilding its infrastructure and production capacity build a power sufficient to meet the various sectors.

Asadi student of direction to bring investments to be valid from feasibility hand generate benefit to the investor, pointing out that bring investments like these we have to do we work economic scientific and accurate feasibility studies secured and we will look for investors and do not mind that Entrust global consulting offices reliable for the preparation of such studies because this will encourage adults investors introduced and adopted.

He stressed the importance of developing the doors practical ways on the top companies directly and Nzll them all the difficulties and provide them with the ocean's tempting to do their activity, adding that investment marketing process at the present time does not live up to the enormous difficulty in parallel to bring the investor to Alarac.oasl Asadi by saying do not throw away all Kratna against the country's security ... there investments take them in many areas around the world are facing a real security problems Examples include the telecommunications sector .. not mean mobile ... I have come to Iraq giant companies to invest in optical cable, which we needed him most other majors to invest in terrestrial communications did not find attractive work environment and the results were negative acts going slowly and did not benefited the citizens nor the state and so we lost the investor who needs a greater effort to regain his attention.

He called al-Asadi at the conclusion of his speech to the fight against corruption in all its forms, and said that of the main reasons to invest expulsion is administrative corruption, a fact once we live in a day, one of the reasons for this was the presence of a huge amount of staff (underemployment) which helps to red tape and bureaucracy in the proceedings beyond the border not to mention the lack of coordination between departments and ministries concerned with the investment file infanticide single window law, stressing that the solutions and treatments are possible, and most important of these solutions is the introduction of electronic systems (automation) into real use and ways sophisticated new under the supervision of experts and experienced advisors.