Parliamentary Finance: a collapsed economy and the reduction of allocations is not a zero% of Corruption

MP in the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan, on Monday, that the issue of reducing the salaries and allowances of the presidencies of the three upper grades, ministers, MPs do not constitute a zero% of the corruption that exists in the State of Iraq. " Sarhan said L / scales News /, that "the amounts that will be deducted from the salaries and allowances of the presidencies of the top three grades, ministers, MPs did not specify how it was spent so far, but according to preliminary estimate that Froqatha will be 400 billion Iraqi dinars." He added that "the Iraqi economy collapsed does not address the reduction of salaries or benefits because it is very difficult equation and will affect the market because the reduction of salaries will reduce the purchase of consumer goods and this false equation as well as the lack of purchasing power and lack of demand and the large supply leads to stagnation of the Iraqi market originally stagnant." He continued that "building Iraqi economy properly and solid according to modern methods of combating corruption requires on the grounds that reduce salaries or allowances does not pose gain of zero% of corruption in the Iraqi state, which decimated the country and make the Iraqi economy collapsed." The Council of Ministers approved during its last session on the three presidencies to reduce the salaries (the prime minister and his deputies, and the President of the Republic and his deputies, and the President of the House of Representatives and his deputies), by 50%, and reduce the salaries of ministers and rank shall be fixed at 45%, and reducing agents and general managers and advisers' salaries by 40%, as well as reducing the salaries of the least degree of them who have been reducing their salaries by 30%. It is said that, the reduction decision will enter into force on the first of August next "