Al-Bayati: National Alliance coherent and put two options to resolve his presidency

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati , Monday, the existence of two options to resolve the presidency of the National Alliance , explaining that rely on the selection of the President of the Alliance on a regular basis is one of them, as he emphasized that the coalition and the lack of a coherent naming the prime does not have a political dispute. Bayati said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "The presidency of the National Alliance does not constitute a knot in front of the role of the Alliance in the House or outside, being an institution and coherent," explaining "there proposals to overcome this problem." Al-Bayati said, "There are two options to overcome the issue, to be a coalition patrol presidency, and the other option is to resort to consensus", stressing that "this problem is not a political crisis, but it is possible to overcome a technical issue." The MP for the coalition of state law Emotions grace, confirmed on Saturday (July 25, 2015) that the consensus within the National Alliance for the presidency of the coalition "did not work", calling for a system of elections to choose a president. The presidency of the National Alliance remained vacant since the former boss Ibrahim al-Jaafari as foreign minister, in (8 September 2014), and consultations continued between the components of the coalition to elect a new president of the alliance. magnet&utm_source=magnet_article_page&utm_medium=entity_name