Dulaimi, denouncing al-Maliki's remarks and announced the formation of an international body for the prosecution

Denounced Dr. lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi, head of the international legal body Maliki's comments and said, "We condemn and deplore the people of Iraq and the strength of national reject the occupation and for each secretions illegal, statements provocative to Nuri al-Maliki, which attacked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Maatertb for these serious irresponsible and provocative of abuse of a country with a weight and weight statements in the Islamic and international arenas, and even beyond those abuses and statements expressing the same sectarian hate and patient, than to provoke the feelings of all Arabs and Muslims, "he added," these statements that represent incitement clear on terrorism and a threat to the Islamic Arab, regional and international security and directly threatens international peace and security, especially since Shiite militias terrorist extremist in Iraq leaders such as confident Battat already threatened to bomb and invade the territory of the Kingdom in the light of the sectarian incitement continued to the owners when he was president of the Government of Iraq at a time when Saudi Arabia has repeatedly declared that it is against extremism and terrorism and embodied that reality on the ground. "

And went on, "that the people of Iraq and its national strength rejects and strongly condemns such irresponsible statements, and at the same time we announce the formation of an international body composed of senior international lawyers to prosecute and sue al-Maliki for having committed serious international crimes such as crimes affecting the security and peace of the entire international community which war crimes and crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide collectively, in addition to his successive including the last against Saudi Arabia, which in international law is considered an international crime of inciting terrorism and sectarian violence, and this is clear evidence allows for the Kingdom of prosecution before the international criminal justice as well as through universal jurisdiction, and on this occasion, the Commission put all legal potential and are a volunteer at the disposal of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to direct tasks to prosecute this criminal terrorist sectarian in the Arab and international courts, including the International Criminal Court delivered hundreds of dangerous files that condemns this terrorist criminal ".