PMU : More than 200 terrorists killed in perimeter of Fallujah
Monday, 27 July 2015 12:00

Shafaq News / The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Diyala confirmed its participation in the liberation of Fallujah and that more than 200 terrorists were killed and destroying dozens

of ISIS car bombs in the battles of the area around Fallujah, criticizing the US and international attempts to resolve Fallujah battles and storm it.

Jabbar al- Maamouri , a leader in the mobilization of Diyala said in his interview with Shafaq News that PMU and in coordination with the security forces killed more than 200 terrorists and destroyed dozens of car bombs through the area around Fallujah, referring to siege Fallujah and the continued operations to clear roads from explosives and mines attacks to avoid casualties among fighters of PMU.

Mamouri stressed that PMU and the security forces are preparing to storm Fallujah and liberate it entirely referring to the presence of US and international attempts to hinder the resolution of the battle.

Mamouri considered the terrorist attacks that hit some areas of Diyala as attempts to decode the siege on ISIS in Fallujah, Baiji and other areas , pointing that ISIS is trying to raise sectarian conflict in Diyala after defeats suffered at the hands of PMU and the security forces in Diyala province .

The factions of PMU and the security forces are going through extensive security operations in Diyala and other provinces to restore control of Fallujah town from ISIS organization to besiege the terrorists and cut off their supplies in Ramadi areas and the borders of Salahuddin