Washington Times: US withdrawal from Iraq contributed to emergence of DAASH
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Thread: Washington Times: US withdrawal from Iraq contributed to emergence of DAASH

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    Scales News:WashingtonTimes-US withdrawal from Iraq contributed to emergence of DAASH

    The Washington Times: US withdrawal from Iraq contributed to the emergence of organizing Daash

    Follow-up scales News - US newspaper The Washington Times quoted current and former military leaders of the US Army, as saying that a US withdrawal from Iraq, leaving the door open to organize Daash to be displayed and control of several Iraqi cities.

    According to these, the "American forces could have to keep the power aerial combat and other ground, helping to train Iraqi forces, and also weaken the influence of the organization Daash terrorist in northern and western Iraq, and that such a force could have to contribute to the prevention of encroachment Nuri al-Maliki authority , the former prime minister, in addition to calm the differences between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. "

    See General Raymond Odierno, the top commander of US forces in the post-troop increase in Iraq, and the chief of the current Chiefs stage, that "the survival of the American forces after the withdrawal decision in 2011, was able to contribute to the prevention of many terrorist operations in Iraq, and that those forces he can contribute in the role of mediator between all categories, stressing that the United States might have earned in their withdrawal from Iraq, but it lost its existence and its role. "

    He adds if "we had a presence in Iraq, it could contribute to the resolution of conflicts, the United States and honest broker, perhaps we won ourselves to withdraw, but we lost our role in Iraq, it must remain, it would be good for us, I recommended then the need to keep the 35 thousand fighters" .

    The "Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, the former commander in the Iraqi province of Anbar, said during a hearing: The United States did not have the option to stay in Iraq, the president of the Iraqi government at the time al-Maliki insisted on leaving the forces."

    The paper believes that "there is a state of feeling that the US withdrawal from Iraq has contributed to the existence of" state ", which could pave to try to promote once again to increase the presence of US forces in Iraq, noting that such statements and opinions does not know exactly Do pour in the upcoming presidential election service or not? "ended 29 / d 25

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