Immigration: 58 percent of the displaced allocations were canceled due to the recent decision of the Federal Court

Anbar - Iraq Press - July 26: Ministry confirmed Displacement and Migration by increasing the inspection of the camp Sheikh Khalaf Ahalos to house the displaced people in Bzabz area, accompanied by a convoy of aid, Sunday, that the Federal Court decision declared unconstitutional budget issued by the Parliament Act had been damaged displaced by abolishing trillion and 400 billion dinars from T_khasasathm pointing out, that the "allocated to them in the budget amount was Trliunin and 400 billion dinars, which means that 58 percent of displaced allocations have been canceled because of the decision of the Federal Court." And on the smart card, he said, "We have issued 505 thousand smart card so far, has received a grant of 330 million dinars thousand families, while the other will receive 70 thousand family grant before the end of this month." She explained, "There are many camps today need most of the necessities of life, most notably the cooling and food, we have begun in the ministry about two months ago to secure the needs of the displaced summer and we are continuing in that," pointing out that "the continued displacement and security problems in Sector Anbar stood impediment to all stakeholders to meet all the needs of displaced people, and we hope in the near future to believe in all the needs that have not been secured yet. The agency, that "the camps even if the good conditions they are not valid for a live human being Iraqi place, and we hope to be displaced temporarily but unfortunately we see continuing, and this case requires the provision of basic services like water, sanitation and electric stream continuously in addition to educational and medical services, and all these things It is difficult to be provided within a short period. "