Jubouri consultant confirms the determination of Parliament to activate investment electricity for the processing of 9000 megawatts

The head of Parliament for energy adviser, on Sunday, the Ministry of Electricity to form the body view monitor "repeated failures" in this vital file and put the necessary solutions to them, while the determination of the Council stressed the activation of investment in the field of electricity, the detection of contracting with local and international companies for the management and processing of 9000 Mika watts of power. Ali al-Dhari Fayad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The previous stages did not witness the strategy for the development of the electricity sector, which paid for the citizen", noting that "challenges the existing difficult economic situation of the country, affected and affects the projects, including the electricity sector."
He called al-Fayad, and the Ministry of Electricity to "body shaping opinion monitor aspects of default that led to repeated failures to ensure the improvement of the status of this vital file", noting that "the legislative term former sought through Parliament because the have to invest his share in the Ministry of Electricity, which has already been the beginning of the year 2015 current, contracting with foreign and local companies to manage and equip nine thousand megawatts of energy, as a step towards achieving the goal that begs the citizen. "

The promise of the President of the House of Representatives for Energy Adviser, that "it can determine who is responsible for any failure gets in energy security," pointing out that "companies that have been contracted currently working in Nahrawan station which had been contracted, and in Basra for the implementation of a new plant." .

The al-Fayad, the "determination of Parliament to continue to activate the role of the private sector as a result of the processing power ministry failed to do so, which exacerbated the crisis."

The electricity minister, Qassim al-Fahdawi, announced during hosted in the House of Representatives, on Saturday, about the need for the country to 21 thousand megawatts, stressing that the capital Baghdad alone need six thousand megawatts to eliminate the electricity crisis, while between the ministry is currently producing 11 A megawatt, detect received three out of nine billion dollars demanded by the current of the year 2015 budget.

Last week saw out demonstrations in Iraqi cities several were all calling for the provision of electricity, while faced demonstrations in Basra in southern Iraq, violence claimed the lives of young man after being shot by security forces, which raised a lot of replies angry and condemning the local administration and the Ministry of Electricity acts.

Iraq has suffered from a lack of electrical power supply since 1990 after the United Nations imposed embargo against it, and exacerbated the problem after the year 2003 widen the cutting area increased the adoption of the parents on the small and private power generators, without that failed the government's efforts and promises of senior officials in finding radical solutions the problem despite spending billions of dollars on them.

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