Allawi: Saudi Arabia transferred messages to the leaders of Lebanon's Iranian pure slander

Baghdad -arac Press -26 July: Information Office of the Vice President Iyad Allawi denied what was published by the Iranian news agency (IRNA) for the transfer messages to the Saudi Lebanese leaders. He pointed Allawi's office said in a statement that the agency "was published, among other information lacks credibility and accuracy and objectivity did not know one from where it came out for the last visit, Iyad Allawi, to Lebanon, Nnviha altogether and such expected slander of anti-national approach and Arab institutions. He explained that a number of Iraqi lawmakers and politicians have accompanied Allawi during his visit to Beirut last weekend visit has achieved the goal of which is definitely a call for a regional conference that includes all the countries of the Arab and Islamic region except for Syria. "
The (IRNA) said, on Saturday, Allawi left Beirut concluding his visit to Lebanon, far from the limelight lasted several days during which he held meetings without media silent Moakbat with the leaders and Lebanese officials.

She pointed out that "Allawi had met in the past two days, a number of politicians, including Prime Minister Tammam Salam and the head of the Congress" future, "MP Fouad Siniora, and the President of the Syriac League Habib Ephrem and he put peace and Siniora in an atmosphere of" the Saudi response "to the nuclear deal between Iran and countries Great.

The agency added that Allawi informed he met in Beirut that Saudi Arabia is preparing for the pricing of confrontation with the axis of "resistance" from Lebanon to Iraq to Syria and Yemen "to strike Iran's wings in the region and prevent Iran from the translation of the agreement in its favor", and upset the balance of power in the "lost time".

She said the agency, that "the head of the Iraqi National Coalition, Iyad Allawi left the country on his way to Amman after a visit to Beirut several days" .