Document .. Fahadoaa was not convincing in the meeting host ..talb fundamentalist interrogation for "mismanagement"

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -26 July: A number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Sunday, a request to the Chairman Salim al-Council signed MP Salah Muzahim al-Jubouri, the Integrity Commission Parliamentary member for "fundamentalist interrogation" to the Minister of electricity due to lack conviction Council as made ​​by Qassam Fahadoaa in a session on Saturday
According to the book, which got / Iraq Press /, a copy of it from its own sources, that "a lot of members of the House of Representatives are not convinced answers Fahadoaa to questions about the deterioration of electrical service during the meeting host in the 25 of July, to the growing indications of mismanagement and lack of successful plans for the advancement of electric power are processed for the citizens in all governorates of Iraq. "
He said al-Jubouri, "The presence of suspicions of corruption in most of the contracts, the ministry including reflected negatively on the services provided to citizens and turned for the lack of health promises made ​​and Tiqina for lack Minister efficiency and his staff developed to address the setbacks service in the ministry and caused the death of many citizens of innocent people, on the basis of their duty to the oversight and responsibility legitimacy RS on their shoulders and hold them accountable in the lead for negligence of members of the executive power bloc within the Ministerial Alliance of Iraqi forces.
According to Article 61 of the Constitution and Article 32 of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives, advancing a number of members of the House a request to interrogate a fundamentalist minister of electricity.
Jubouri and enclose a list of claimants of Representatives questioned the Minister of Electricity.
And I saw several Iraqi provinces protest demonstrations against poor electrical service with very high temperatures, and protesters demanded the resignation Fahdawi for "Ivaih promises not to launch a year ago from now, when the assumption of the post of Minister of Electricity."