Fahdawi: I will submit my resignation if unable to resolve the problem of electricity


The Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi , Sunday, that he would resign if unable to resolve the problem of electricity, as pointed out that it can not use clean energy such as wind to generate electricity due to unavailability areas of Iraq all. He said Fahdawi at a press conference, today, in the ministry's headquarters and was attended by Alsumaria News , "The electricity sector suffers from many problems, including financial allocations for the current year which is not enough, and no special full ministry budget disbursed so far," noting that "the Government to respond that it has a budget deficit during our demand to provide financial provisions required ". Fahdawi added that "the use of clean energy such as wind to generate electricity is not possible for the lack of this wind in all regions of Iraq." Fahdawi and explained that he seeks to "solve the problem of electricity through the possibilities available," he said. "I will resign if unable to resolve the problem of electricity."
The Fahdawi confirmed, on Saturday (July 25, 2015), that the problem of electricity lacked proper need strategy to work and effort unconventional in order to avoid problems, pointing to his quest for the development of the electricity sector through the "clear vision and strategy of an integrated".

And hosted by the House of Representatives and the Committee on parliamentary power, yesterday, Fahdawi, agents to discuss the electricity crisis in the country.

The MP for the coalition of state law denominator bonded, after the hosting, the Minister of Electricity and presented a written report on the electricity sector in the country's problems, noting that the justifications were not "convincing"