Parliamentary Legal attributes the non-inclusion of important laws to the agenda of Parliament for not agreed upon

BAGHDAD / integrity - attributed the parliamentary legal committee member Mohsen al-Sadoun, non-inclusion of important laws in the work of the House of Representatives sessions schedule to lack the political blocs agree.
Sadoun said in a statement that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has an important role in the inclusion of laws to the agenda of the meetings."
However, that "if the presidency were not sure that the parliamentary forces or the political blocs in parliament did not reach a consensus not want to put a law in the table does not get a positive result."
Sadoun stressed that "the next stage will witness a distinct activity between the committees and special legal committee and the presidency of the House of Representatives."
The House of Representatives, resumed on Saturday its normal, after the failure of its meetings 20 days, the agenda included hosting and Minister of Electricity (Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi) (to discuss the power crisis in the country), and the first reading of the draft General Authority to monitor the allocation of federal revenue law.
It is said that "the differences between the political blocs spin on some of the bills, including the National Guard and the Federal Court, political parties, and accountability, justice and the prohibition of the Baath Party.
The head of the House of Representatives, called on 30 of last May, the heads of parliamentary blocs, to submit their comments and final mission on the National Guard and the Federal Court, political parties and other important laws and draft laws, in order to accelerate their approval in the nearest and Guet.