Oil recognizes that it is responsible for the breach of the province crude by agreement: respect the government's decision

Special scales News - Oil Ministry confirmed on Sunday, it is responsible for the breach of the Kurdistan region and reneging on the oil agreement with Baghdad as an executive agreement with the resolution and the government.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad's / scales News / "The decision to sell oil province independent from Baghdad matter relating to the federal government, explaining that" the oil ministry is an executive powers and can not transcend their own. "

He said Jihad said the "lack of the province's commitment to export the required quantity of it and breach oil Convention presents state revenues and the quantities of exported oil to drop a large deterioration," pointing out that "the government should take its decision on a mechanism to resolve the issue of the oil agreement with the province."

This "A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Zaher al-Abadi, the Kurdistan region canceled the agreement and understanding oil after export oil without reference to the central government or SOMO, calling for the establishment of a lawsuit against companies that import oil from the region and the prohibition of dealing with it," .anthy / 29 / D 24