Called citizen's parliamentary bloc the Iraqi government,

Saturday, to find the border crossings with neighboring countries Solutions after an increase in fighting in Anbar and the closure of most of the commercial crossings, demanding openness to the Islamic Republic of Iran to fill the shortfall after the closure of most of the ports with the neighboring countries. The MP said the mass of Salem Amuslimawi in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, that "the Islamic Republic of Iran was instrumental in supporting Iraq in its war against Daash gangs terrorist," adding that "the leaders of Iraq did not work in this way, especially as the There are large areas linking the southern provinces with the neighboring countries. " He added that Amuslimawi "It is very necessary to find a commercial border crossings that were closed after an increase in fighting in Anbar solutions," stressing the need to open new border crossings with neighboring countries, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran in the southern regions, they are stable security and political. " "We talked earlier about the field of open cooperation with Iran in the field of energy, and we must put the issue of border crossing points into consideration and priorities for strengthening the Iraqi economy,"