Iraqi forces with equipment fitted with modern American stationed to the east of Ramadi, in the framework of the military campaign to recover the city (Associated Press)

Iraqi forces recover Anbar University in Ramadi

Officials announced in Iraq that the government troops recovered on Sunday, the campus of the University of al-Anbar city of Ramadi, in the south of the organization of the Islamic state , to recover this important position could pave to regain control of the entire city.
The special forces belonging to the fight against "terrorism", known as the "golden band" have recovered in May / May last parts of Anbar University shortly after losing control of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province.
But those forces later withdrew from parts that are recovered by the university after that continued state regulation of its attacks on Iraqi positions east of the city, which military commanders were forced to rally again in preparation for a counter-campaign.
Brigadier-General Abdul Amir al-Khazraji deputy commander of the device that the "golden band managed to free al-Anbar University with the support of the army and the attribution of air from the coalition and the Iraqi army aircraft."
And broadcast on state television issued a statement from the leadership of the Iraqi joint operations came the "bleeding you Bushra entry counter-terrorism device to Anbar University and now they are fighting cleared from the remnants of Daash terrorist and raise explosives and open roads" using the acronym for the organization of the Islamic state, which was formerly known as the Islamic State is known in battles Iraq and the Levant.
The statement said that "the security forces who were advancing towards the near neighborhood of nationalization and the organization of the Islamic state faced fortified sites with explosives and barbed wire."
And Anbar University campus is located in a wide area south of the main highway encircling gray from the south.
He said Anbar Provincial Council member Faleh al-Issawi said the government forces "impose tactically complete control over the university compound and took advantage of the opportunity to retreat Daash fighters for progress towards nationalization neighborhood in the southern part of gray."
He pointed out that groups the popular crowd -backed Shiite armed Iran , which Washington has refused to coordinate with the university did not participate in the process.
A spokesman for the US Department of Defense ( Pentagon ) Colonel (Col.) Steve Warren, said Thursday that about three thousand Iraqi soldiers trained by the coalition forces led by the United States and joined the military campaign waged by the Iraqi army to recover the city of Ramadi.