Araji for people with Spyker martyrs: are keen to secure the full your rights

By Mohammed Emad

26.07.2015 4:27

Brother - Baghdad
Received Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji official office in Baghdad, a crowd of martyrs Spyker base.

Araji and welcomed the fathers and mothers of the martyrs, expressing his full pride and pride pure blood that watered the ground in Iraq.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the sympathy and condolences phrases fall short of achieving the enormity of the brutal act of criminal gangs Daash the extermination of hundreds of innocent young people no fault except that they have devoted themselves to serve their country and defend it in the face of the forces of evil and terrorism.

He reiterated the government's keenness to secure full rights for people with the martyrs of the Air Force base (Spyker) and as befits the unique sacrifice.

Stressing the duty of the executive branch lowered the harshest penalties those convicted after the issuance of court judgments against them, and the prosecution of the remaining fugitives to gain their just punishment.