Baghdad sent 300 billion dinars to the region

Date: 26/07/2015 09:26

Information / Baghdad / ..
the parliamentary finance committee announced Sunday that the federal government will send 300 billion dinars to the Kurdistan Regional Government today.

The committee member said Abdul Qader Mohammed in a statement / information /, "The federal government will send, today 0.300 billion dinars to the Kurdistan region, as receivables from the export of the province oil by SOMO. "

He said Mohammed that "some of this money will be spent for the salaries of the staff of the province delayed for months."

The federal government sent in the atheist ten of last May 543 billion dinars to Kurdistan financial receivables for the month last April. And it includes the amount of 33 billion dinars budget for the Peshmerga and 510 billion dinars as part of the region's share of the federal budget for the financial year Alhala.anthy / 25 u