Woman detonated herself amid a gathering of elements "Daash" in Fallujah

Date: 26/07/2015 13:04

Information / special / ..
According to a local source in Fallujah, Sunday, that the 40 element of "Daash" criminal killed and wounded in a suicide bombing carried out by a woman explosive belt targeted a gathering of elements of the organization center of the judiciary.

The source told / information /, "The Woman in the Third Decade year-old girl blew herself up in a neighborhood message Fallujah's city center, targeting a gathering of elements "Daash" criminal, which led to the deaths of 23 element of them and injuring 17 others. "

The source added, "The woman was able to penetrate the assembly after it claimed the prosecution wearing a niqab legitimate, which make it mediates combines elements of the organization, then she blew herself up. "

Managed security forces over the last few days of the encirclement of the city of Fallujah from the axes of the four parts supply route from the city, at the time, who lives criminal organization last days in the city center of fear and panic Kparien.

Escalated reprisals for the people Fallujah against "Daash" criminal past few days, especially after the Iraqi security forces cordoned off the city of destinations Alarbah.anthy / 25 R.