Anbar council member: security forces advancing towards the center of Ramadi, Anbar province

Anbar province

By Mustafa Curran

3 minutes ago

Roudao - Anbar

Confirmed Provincial Council member Mohammed Farhan al-Anbar on Sunday, that both the security forces and tribesmen advancing towards the city of Ramadi to be restored after the control of Anbar University of Daash control.

Farhan network Roudao media "security forces and tribesmen entered the University of Anbar on Sunday morning to free it from the control of the organization Daash with their advance on the city of Ramadi, Anbar province."

He explained hilarious "that the security forces and tribesmen heading towards the city of Ramadi from all axes, but most of the troops that are now on the gray is from the western and eastern sides, security forces and tribesmen locked in fierce battles with al Daash from the eastern and western gray."

Abizaid and hilarious, saying "if the security forces continued to provide support of the sons of the tribes, then the city of Ramadi liberate fully in the next few days."

And security forces losses and the sons of the tribes hilarious "There material and human losses on the part of security forces and tribesmen but very few compared to a loss Daash and security forces progress so quickly."

It should be noted that the security forces and tribesmen filed this morning around Ramadi, where battles take place in the vicinity of Al-Anbar University to be able to control them.