Kurds are demanding to cancel the security agreements with Turkey

Brother - Baghdad - MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Xuan Daoudi bloc, the House of Representatives to cancel the security agreements with Turkey after the attacks carried out by the Iraqi territory and the adjacent side of the region.

He said in a press release received for News Agency (et) a copy of "The Turkey, proven domestic policy failure and trying to draw the attention of the Turkish public opinion on the state of political conflict experienced by persons, as well as international scandal, which began ridden because of harboring and assisting them to gangs and terrorist them gang Daash ".

He called Daoudi House of Representatives to "cancel agreements security meeting between Iraq and Turkey, all because of its support for the guerrilla and terrorist aggression on the Iraqi border and the lack of respect for international conventions as a first stage," and urged him, in the event of the continuation of Turkey's assault, the Council to "move to file a complaint to the Security Council and the UN United and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League, in order to guide her conviction about their actions beyond the framework of good-neighborliness and international conventions. "

It is said that Turkish planes bombed last night sites for the Labour Party in the northern Kurdistan region areas after launching Ankara's campaign of arrests ranks of the elements of the party against the backdrop of the killing of two policemen Turks at the hands of gunmen belonging to the workers of Kurdistan as a reaction to the bomb attack on Kurds last week, in Diyarbakir in Turkey killed dozens.