Commerce intends to establish a typical kiosks to sell Alsamun in Baghdad

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Announced the Ministry of Commerce , Sunday, intent on the establishment of a typical kiosks for the sale of government Alsamun in areas of Baghdad, while expressing willingness to equip contractors to market the production of Alsamun.

The General Company for the manufacture of grain Habib Rashid al-Saadi director in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "his company is seeking to open several outlets for marketing Alsamun product in furnaces through the establishment of a typical kiosks in several areas beside me Karkh and Rusafa through which direct sales to Samun automatic product in ovens Kadhimiya government and ovens Baghdad and competitive price. "

He said al-Saadi, that "the company is ready for the processing of contractors in the case of lead, to contract with the company to market its production of Alsamun multiple forms on demand," noting that "the company had been invited earlier to government departments and ministries for the purpose of meeting the need of Alsamun, as well as its contribution to the support the security forces and the popular crowd and displaced families and processing quantities of Alsamun and as directed by the Secretary of Commerce. "

The General Company for the manufacture of grain has several modern production lines Alsamun automatic in my Kadhimiya Karkh ovens next to a capacity of 15 thousand Samunh per hour per line, along the side of Rusafa Baghdad ovens.