Starting work in the set-off e-government banks next week

Baghdad, "Iraq's gate," Mohammed Sharif

Government, banking sources said, some government banks will start work in the electronic clearing system next week.
"Al-gate Iraq" on Thursday that the ACB will be one of the first of these banks after completing the necessary preparations for the application of electronic instruments to work towards becoming totally and the abolition of the ordinary instruments.
And clearing electronic system is can the participating banks and their branches from the exchange of payment orders among themselves in an automated fashion, and is processing and send the net final settlement to the settlement system, the total immediate, as well as being through the exchange of instruments of electronic and contribute Reduced time and provide services faster to the public.

The Commercial Bank of Iraq announced a few days ago, he decided to work clearing electronic system early next year.

Before, and the Iraqi Trade Bank to subscribe electronic clearing house in the Iraqi Central Bank will start work on it with all government banks and the private sector to participate in the room for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information among them. "