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da58- that's looking to me ^^ above like that National Guard Law isn't actually all done yet, as was reported in the article the other day in alsabah... makes me wonder why they would post that entire law in the paper like they did.. maybe a political play.. just odd to me, but appears parliament hasn't had their final vote yet to me...

jtank - da58 this gov is full of hot air--

da58 - ya think??

timandjulie - no actual truth about today is gonna come till tonight or tomorrow and even then it will be a guess

jtank - whats up w that!

BGG - I don't think that - but I have been trying to tell everyone (for more than the last few days - unlike some newcomers) there is a VERY serious struggle for the soul of Iraq going on right now. I haven't been saying Dr Shabibi is coming back next week or there is some "unseen" good fortune waiting just around the corner...

da58 - oh - I think that entire law was printed in almada, not alsabah paper.. I just looked..

BGG - I have been saying - at least they are fighting for the right side (for once) and talking about economic reform openly... this is vital to the future of Iraq (and obviously good for us)... instead of us having no real chance - as turned out to be the case during the Maliki regime.

BGG - and this is very good for us (the struggle)...

timandjulie – BGG, I give you a lot of credit you were the ONLY one who stuck with maliki as no longer pm

BGG - I was all alone on that one for quite some time - huh?!?

timandjulie - yup like the float lol

BGG – jtank, the main three laws they need to set their way straight are stymied for the moment. I believe they will get done fairly soon.

timandjulie - yours happened, thank god the float didn't lol

BGG - BTW - none of which mean there cannot be a change in their currency FIRST - even according to Xxx (as of the other day) - SEE THE CHAT I JUST POSTED on THE BLOG...

BGG - 1) the National Guard Law..

timandjulie - the huge guess now is what is the real real truth in what pull Maliki has now

BGG - 2) the Fed Court Law...

BGG - 3) the General Amnesty Law...

BGG - 4) obviously the Investment Law (or Law of Investments) fits in there somewhere as well... more directly germane to us than the others.

BGG - all seem to be "on the brink" but still vigorously opposed by the Shia hardliners - herein lies "the rub"...

jtank - lets hope they get done soon

timandjulie - but is even possible to keep hold this back when so much money investors are standing in line ready to go

jtank - something has gotta’ give

jarhead - is parliament still in session??

jtank - thx Bgg--keep up the great news

BGG - they have to start the process of inclusion (or the rest of the world won't help them) - or at least look like they are...

BGG - and yet - they are very afraid of losing their stranglehold on power. They should be worried. Their recent track record with the other ethnic groups is not good.

jtank - that is why they will not rid Maliki

BGG - They are still working - not sure if "in session" is the correct term.

jarhead - kool tks

jtank - GREAT!

BGG – jtank, he's a goner!! - just a matter of time. There are no dance partners left. It's him and his stack of money... for now he has been buying influence to stay afloat...

BGG - this will not last - especially with the Integrity Commission handing down cases left and right.

jd - Hopefully they will prove that Maliki and his cronies are crooks and arrest them so Iraq can move forward.

jarhead - I don't understand why he took the VP job knowing the new gov’t would find his crimes

BGG - Immunity - and only until they revoke it.

mimi3 - as tman said abhadi must show his stripes soon..... like in 10 days and Bgg thank you for what you do....... yep he has no Dance partners left.......

jarhead - ahhhh

BGG - OK gang, gotta’ head out – BBIAB