BGG – [looks like it is heading the wrong direction] Nope – not at all… this struggle, the very one (between the CBI and GOI) I have been talking about for the last few days…won’t be without twists and turns…the CBI (Alak) doesn’t want to lose control of the money…or Maliki that is (thru his “proxy”). The PM, Finance Committee, Economic Committee and the CoM…all want the best for the people and for Iraq.

Alak is looking out for his pal Maliki… [he is a proxy--why cant the remove him? I saw an article earlier where Al Sadr stated that Maliki is trying to overthrow the Al-Abadi government]. That’s not big news. I’ve been saying that those were his plans since last October. [you were correct...] They may well deal with him (Malik) – it looks like to me they are gearing up for it.

The fact that Sadr is accusing him publicly IS BIG NEWS…This is the headline –they are ramping up to accuse him of TREASON. You watch. [WOW]

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