100,000 dinar notes on the horizon
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Thread: 100,000 dinar notes on the horizon

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    100,000 dinar notes on the horizon

    If the issuance of a 50,000 dinar note has the gurus stressed out, what's the 100,000 dinar note going to do to them when it gets issued?
    Yes that's right, the 50,000 and 100,000 dinar notes will be issued just as surely as the sun will rise again in the a.m.
    This fact appears to have them all stumped. It won't help solve Iraqs economic crisis they say. Sometimes it's worded differently and they say it won't solve their liquidity problem. Inflation will be out of control they cry....woe woe woe....
    As with all fanciful things related to the pot of golden dinar at the end of the rainbow, these cries of impossibility will subside and spin into some other "explanation" when these notes are in fact issued.

    All the information we need to figure out how this unfolds is this:
    1) The dinar was devalued by placing more of it into circulation.
    2) It will regain most of it's value by removing the falsely created excess from circulation.

    How it will happen:
    1) Certain existing denominations will be removed from circulation and replaced by other denominations to eliminate any chance of confusion of value when the three zeros are removed later. The 50 being eliminated and replaced by 50,000 is an example of this.
    2) As soon as the 1 and 2 zero notes have been replaced, the 3 zero notes will "drop" the last 3 zeros. 25,000 dinar notes will instantly redenominate and be recognized as 25 dinar notes. 50,000 will become 50, 100,000 will become 100.
    At the exact same moment as the zeros are dropped, the dinar will revalue to roughly $1.16 +/- per dinar. A million dinars being worth $1166 will become 1000 dinars worth $1166.00

    I know, it just isn't possible because it won't solve Iraq's economic crisis. Well I never said it had to solve Iraq's economic crisis. Dinar solving Iraq's and the rest of the worlds problems is just guru speak to imply overnight riches if you have been "wise enough to invest."

    Two guru terms have been correct though.
    1) The dinar will be a strong currency, possibly the strongest in the world when it RV's right after the zeros are dropped. The trillions of dinar in circulation right now which are backed by billions in gold...those same billions in gold will be backing the billions of dinar after the lop...walah!...the dinar instantly gains strength!
    2) The dinar will float in value based on Iraq's ability to back it with gold, just like every other internationally recognized currency.

    I know it's a simple explanation but at least it's factual. Believe or choose not to believe. Maybe it really is about solving Iraq's and all the rest of the worlds economic problems. Maybe Iraq really will be able to back it's currency with unexploited natural resources. Maybe it really is about Maliki, or Iran, or Shabibi, or China, or some other mysterious force that can only be explained by those in the know, maybe it can only be understood by using numerology, heck let's even throw in some astrology just for good measure because surely it can't be that simple can it?

    Yes, yes I believe it can. Then again, I'm not promoting sales of dinar or tirelessly digging for news every single day just to help everyone out. I don't imply that Bush or Cheney arranged all of this to pay for a war or solve the economic problems of the USA. I don't imply that any of this will be good for anyone outside of Iraq. I don't have news hounds, sponsors, or advertisors either so surely my information cannot be correct. Or can it?

    GLTA to all legitimate investors.

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    Re: 100,000 dinar notes on the horizon

    Well thank you for setting everyone straight. I'm sure now that you feel better about yourself you and TD can move on with your lives. God Bless

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    Re: 100,000 dinar notes on the horizon

    Quote Originally Posted by Msculver View Post
    Well thank you for setting everyone straight. I'm sure now that you feel better about yourself you and TD can move on with your lives. God Bless
    It is not my intention to set everyone straight. My comments are geared toward those who want more details so they can gain a more complete view of "the dinar investment" as a whole rather than the usual bombardment of one sided guru speak typically cherry picked and way over sold to highlight that which supports their most often preposterous claims.

    As for feeling better about myself, I feel no differently than I did before I started this thread. The same thread you've attempted to derail with a purely emotional outburst rather contributing to either side of the topic by the way.

    As for TD, I don't know this person but more power to him or her if a more complete view is being presented.

    Also, as a true believer in God and his benevolence, I'd prefer you not bring him up in my thread if it's to use him as spiritual cover or permission to be excused for behavior unbecoming of a christian. Yes I saw through the hollowly written "God Bless" at the end and understood it's intent.

    Anyway, if you have something you'd like to add which contributes to the topic of the thread, by all means chime in please, or if you just want to take another shot at derailing it the floor is open.

    Thank you.
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