Lots of people going on and on and on about note count as if it really matters to the CBI. Does everyone understand the meaning of note count? It doesn't matter at all. The ONLY thing that matters is the total amount of currency in circulation. Nobody official cares how many notes are out there representing the total amount.
Those claiming otherwise have yet to have a valid reason for why it would matter. They ramble on and on as if it's a critical point but can't explain why because they know it simply isn't true.
The fact is, the CBI will issue recalls on whatever notes they choose and allow a specified amount of time to turn them in before the recalled notes cease to have value. In that vain, if the CBI even cares, it would likely prefer the note count to be higher rather than lower because it's more likely trade-in time will expire before all of the notes are turned in. Again that's IF the CBI even cares and it probably doesn't.