Newbie has questions please help
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Thread: Newbie has questions please help

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    Newbie has questions please help

    I hope I'm not out of order for posting in this area, but I'm new to this. So if I'm out of order, please forgive me. I'm familiar will BGG because I listen to the playbacks from the Big Calls on Tuesday and Thursdays. I've heard some information that makes me feel uneasy. I'm a year into this and I know we are down to the wire, but I feel like I'm being mislead. So I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask a few questions...

    1. Is there truly a vault in Reno where IQDs can be stored until the RV takes place?
    2. Are 800#s still being issued to schedule exchange appointments with the banks or is there some sort of code being issued to the general or admiral groups?
    3. Is it necessary to be apart of a group?
    4. Lastly, how many zeros will be removed from the ZWN? Is there rate for them at this point?

    I appreciate all the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you all can provide. I'm only 27 and the last thing I need is deception. Thank you so much for you time. God Bless.

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    Re: Newbie has questions please help

    This post has been up over a month I wonder why someone with more experience in this venture than me has not addressed mrswts questions?
    The following is from logic & world experience only for I am way over 27 years old have worked in finance and owned my own business in excess of 17 years. I have only been a dinar investor for about a year also. BUT:
    1. Why would you want to place your IQD or any investment for that mater in a vault in Reno or anywhere else that you do not control. At your local bank vault is a better option IMHO.
    2. Do you know this so called "Admiral"? I don't, and why would you trust someone that will not give you his/her real name or credentials, so that you have the ability to check them out. It seems to me that if you are going to hand someone money, you would want to know who they are and that they are legit.
    3. No it is not necessary to be a part of a group. By being part of a group you MAY get a slightly better exchange rate. But again it goes back to #2, do you know who your dealing with? For instance a sponsor of this site as well as others is DINAR CORP. DINAR CORP IS OWNED BY MONEX INC. and have a advertised exchange rate of 1 to 2.5%. I have dealt with DINAR CORP for almost a year now and they have been true to their word on every transaction. As a coin dealer I have known Monex Inc. as being a reputable company for over 15 years. So I would tend to trust DINAR CORP more than someone that will not will not give me their true name. AND IS THIS PERSON WHO WILL NOT GIVE HIS/HER TRUE NAME GOING TO DO THIS TRANSACTION FOR FREE? I DON'T THINK SO. Just MHO.
    4. ZWN are their any news reports about ZWN? I haven't heard anything other than speculation. I put speculation without facts in the BS box.
    mrswt I hope this helps
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