By//Zuhair Ali Akbar
The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq
The Ottoman days issued several coins, which circulated over that period and included gold coins, silver and copper, are:
1. istanbuli Elton: (gold Istanbul) commonly used during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II (1223-1225) Ah.
2-islamboli antique: Cash Gold was working in Iraq.
3-islamboli Salimi: criticism Osmani vogue.
4-Ashrafi: minted days of Sultan Selim I (918-926) HJ and named balasharvi after opening them to Egypt.
5. Alton: Gold means days of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.
6. the Baghdadi: criticism Osmani gold.
7. Fry the line: he is well known in Egypt and Iraq called leguminous line Yap.
8. fairy: Cash Gold Egyptian in Iraq named (fairy doesn't exist) is the Ottoman and the dinar notes of the late Sheikh Al-Shabibi 1914 a.d. (bemgiditine).
9. the jihadist: coined for expenses and had two old and new Jihad Jihad as mentioned in Richard Cole traveler's journey to Baghdad.
10-button aslambol: hit in the year 1128 Hijri.
11. lovable button: commonly used days of the sultans Mahmud I and Mustafa III and Selim III.
12. zengeri: and he called General Pape sapodilla fruit.
13. vintage adley: have the Iraqis called Adeli.
14. the lira was named after the sultans who asadorha such as lira majidiyeh and rshadet pounds.
15. almmdohet: minted during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed 1255-1277 Ah.
16. two types of Egyptian Egyptian Mustafa, Egyptian Salimi was known in the markets of Baghdad.
17. a struggler: Cash Gold Ottoman.
18. housing: Cash Gold this term calling Hungarian dinars and Venice.
19. Royal: relative to Sultan Selim I.
20. SHAHI: taken from the title of Shah stated in a contract of sale 340 Hindu SHAHI Sulaymaniyah.
21. Al-sharifi: label taken from the State Al-Ashraf barsbay in Egypt.
22. the quarter: Cash Gold Ottoman.
23. one quarter of gas: Cash Gold Osmani was used in Iraq.
24. Rayah Balak: label of (wind) is taken from the rest (balk) any mind in the era of Sultan Abdul Majeed.
25. the new Turkey: during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II.
26. Turkey's aging: as well as during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II.
27. Re: criminal named too (aladalet).
28. hotel or hotel: the coins used in Baghdad.
29. charity: commonly used during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II and the name of your charity cash was a Prince in Egypt the year 930 Ah.
30. wicker milk Mahmoudia: during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II.
Ottoman silver coins circulating in Iraq are:
1. alekiga: criticism of silver used since the days of Mughals and continued use in the Ottoman and the meaning of the word is (strike coins to whiteness) was known as the Ottoman DRAM Baghdadi and weighed 4 grams.
2. shark: in the era of Sultan Suleiman II in 1099 Ah.
3. Abu four: four piasters equal popular.
4. Abu eight: it is part of the value doesn't exist worth eight PTS and called (the Quran).
5. Abu: a type of energy called rials card commonly used in Egypt
6. the righteous: and four akogat is a Persian word meaning snapshot.
7. aikelk: equivalent to 2 piasters and commonly used in Egypt.
8. albkogh: commonly used in Yemen and Comoros when the Iraqis (2 piasters spoke Turkish (baghagh).
9. bishtlgh or bishalk: the reign of Sultan Suleiman II 1099 Ah.
10. algrkhi: Daud Pasha and was hit with in Baghdad.
11. beheshti: are parts of the alekiga.
12. alwaraqa: any paper a shark in vogue.
13. alzelth: Turkish origin (ZULTE) commonly used in Baghdad.
14. altanker: 17 PT was in circulation in Iraq and is the size of a quarter doesn't exist.
15. yozlk: mean percent shark commonly used in Egypt.
16. yrmelk Salimi: half penny commonly used in Egypt.
17. Mahameed: attributed to Sultan Mahmud and the Laura alone and Mhamid and all nine of them equal one vogue penny.
18. the Mohammedan: silent days of Sultan Mehmed II known as the conqueror in 855 Ah, ten akogat.
19. nkshli: hit Baghdad.
20-quart commonly use Majidi: Iraq, worth 20 PTS and attributed to Sultan Abdul Majeed 1255 Ah.
21. quarter MAMDOUHI commonly used: Iraq, attributed to UT Pasha.
22. Lunar: the weakening Ottoman criticism almetlik silver was equivalent to 2 piasters popular bars and called it a lunar Crescent or moon and is the motto of alathmanine.
23. shark Al-Assadi: minted during the reign of Sultan Hamad third year 115 Ah.
24. Turkey: a shark shark Hamidi, which struck during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I, 1187 Ah.
25. the shark eye: mentioned this currency to the term (Penny train Abdul Hamid Khan was appointed).
26. immediate: commonly uses in Basra and its origin is Austrian.
27. Al-Shami: minted during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid I, 1187 AH and was known as the shark Hamidi commonly used in Basra.
28. the Cham people call Shushi: Abu Shousha.
29. the major: it is right and even shark (40) Bara camshaft formulated proper Turkish.
30. TALC commonly used in Hamidi: Egypt and Sultan Abdul Hamid I days 1187 Ah, meaning four is received.
31. tmshalk: commonly used in Egypt and the word (Alternatively) means sixty Bara.
Ottoman copper coins circulating in Iraq and is helping to money and much of the material was one of money at that time including: copper
1. almetlik: this criticisms were two metallic copper nickel wemtlik commonly used such criticism in Syria and arrived in Basra during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II 1876 Hijri minted of copper.
2. money: the single Fils in Turkish (manghar) or stippled was worth half of Ali AGCA, commonly used in Basra and the drawing (Palm).
3. or the Fils: copper coins are commonly used in Baghdad.
4. manghalr: copper coin minted Ottoman Sultan Mustafa II days 1106 Hijri.
5. trap: it is called (algrok).