2014-10-22 12: 08

Tomorrow press Baghdad: Japan Embassy in Iraq to nine companies took part in the Baghdad international fair, and she hopes the Iraq market strongly.

The Ambassador said Japan's Kazuya nasheed for "tomorrow," during the scouring his suite in the Baghdad international fair in the 41 session, that "Iraq is a country of choices that you want any company to invest in the Japanese Government always advises companies to access and participate in business in Iraq."

"The Government of aliabat striving to rebuild Iraq and helped him in many fields as a loan to the score and a supervisor in the columns of the building infrastructure of many sectors and companies involved in the day a major economic forum that reflected positively on SCIF".

Nashi said that "about nine companies involved in the Baghdad international fair, and have a great desire to enter the Iraqi market and participation in the normalization of relations and various investments, and companies specializing in technology, construction and electrical disciplines and different energy."

The representative of said Organization (JETRO) Japan to Dubai and Middle East Masayoshi Watanabe for "tomorrow," that "Iraq is an important country for Japan, and that the Foundation is keen to develop economic and trade ties with the country," adding that "Japan needs energy and that Iraq provided through oil exports."

He said trade between the two countries cannot be confined to a specific number. "

He said "Japan seeks through its participation this year to enter the Iraqi market and improved trade relations to the relationship between the two friendly countries."

Deputy Prime Minister and Bahaa Al-araji, was inaugurated on the 20th of this month, the Baghdad international fair with the participation of 20 countries and more than 500 companies.