The launch of the forum's first annual accounting Arab in Baghdad
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Thread: The launch of the forum's first annual accounting Arab in Baghdad

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    The launch of the forum's first annual accounting Arab in Baghdad

    Under the auspices of Prime Minister Dr Haider Abadi, opened the forum on Wednesday, the first annual accounting Arab ((international standards in accounting and auditing significance - Requirements Response))

    Hosted by the Association of Accountants and Auditors in cooperation with the Arab League, the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, for the period "15-16 October-2014- conference room at the headquarters of the union said Dr. tributary slaves pendulum captain accountants and auditors Iraqis in a speech that the forum aims to statement and the reality of the application of IFRS and IAS in the Arab world and the challenges they face in light of the international requirements and to shed light on international accounting standards in the public sector (IPSAS) guide the work of the Financial Management .walelmam modern methods for the application of ISA to gain access to the financial statements are presented fairly.

    in addition to the display elements and accessories translator with international standards effective and efficient pointing out that the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Iraqis and the Arab League, the Arab Organization for Administrative Development sought to hold this forum, which will focus on several topics, including the challenges faced by financial departments in responding and harmony in the application of IFRS & IAS and international accounting standards in the public sector IPSAS,, importance, areas Application .spl and means Ttaiwircherkat and offices of accounting and auditing Arabic to fulfill the requirements of ISA / international experiences Arabic translation / actors and efficient international standards in accounting, auditing, said lead international accounting standards IAS and Financial Reporting Standards International) IFRS issued by the Council Almaiaralamhacbah international IASB Foundation International Financial Reporting IFRSF) and standards International Auditing ISA and Almaiaralamhacbah international public sector IPSAS (issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC pivotal role being Temtl guide and is intended for applications of accounting, ears mean what should be a box of these applications, taking Baloattabaralzerov and environmental variables, in particular foreign, as witness the external environment in most of its components (economic, social, technological) many changes Kashtdad financial crises and economic volatility different and growing demand Palmsalah social, as well as developments of technological rapid and persistent, where is the financial management of the active and efficient, one of the main pillars to protect the money and interests through the rationalization used to achieve the development goals of the country

    so it must be based this administration on a range of ingredients sound and appropriate to achieve the strategies and goals required as well as guided by international standards, then a mentor and guide to the work of the efficient and successful as well as being one of the basic tools that ensure the safety of disposition of public money.

    All this represents a reality requires the accounting profession Response his infrastructure to require a special focus on the development of the capacities of accountants and auditors in the application of international standards in accounting (public and private) and check to be in the level of the challenge posed by the new circumstances and to enhance transparency and disclosure, accountability and quality assurance, which reflected the impact in the protection of public money.


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    Re: The launch of the forum's first annual accounting Arab in Baghdad

    IFRSs 'reduce friction' in the global financial system
    15 Oct 2014 At the thirty-first session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) that is currently being held in Geneva, the Chairman of the IFRS Foundation, Michel Prada, spoke this morning about the importance of global accounting standards, how they are applied around the world, and what the IFRS Foundation, with the help of other organisations, is doing to ensure that they are implemented rigorously and consistently.

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    Re: The launch of the forum's first annual accounting Arab in Baghdad

    Arab Administrative Development Organization
    ARADO Profile
    Mission and Goals
    The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) was created in 1961 as a
    specialized organization of the League of Arab States to shoulder the mandate of
    administrative development in the Arab region. As stated in its Agreement, the mission of
    ARADO is to contribute to administrative development in Arab countries in a way that
    positively bears on pan-Arab comprehensive development.
    Over the history of ARADO, it has mainly strived to meet pan-Arab needs in the field of
    administrative development and reform, taking into account the importance of an even
    delivery of services related to those needs in all member states; this would ensure an
    equal distribution of the same adherence to objective and professional standards,
    efficiency and excellence in all activities performed and services provided, in programs,
    seminars, meetings and publications.
    In its endeavor to fulfill this sublime mission, ARADO has been exerting efforts and
    offering services and programs to the governments of its 20 member states. The scope of
    ARADO services also includes public and private institutions involved in administrative
    development in Arab countries.
    In order to fulfill its mission, ARADO works for the achievement of the following goals:
     To promote administrative development in Arab countries,
     To coordinate and encourage administrative studies and expand exchange of
    specialists among Arab countries,
     To develop cooperation among, and exchange of, Arab and world experts in the
    fields of development management with a view to enhance the efficiency and
    effectiveness of administration in the Arab region,
     To bridge the gap between modern administration systems and techniques on the
    one hand and common administrative practices in Arab countries on the other, in
    order to facilitate self-sustained economic development and inter-Arab economic
    integration, and
     To promote relevant specialized translation in the field of administration and
    harmonize administrative terminology used in the Arab region. 2
    The Agreement of ARADO identifies its three main bodies as follows:
    The General Assembly
    The highest decision-taking authority of the organization. The General Assembly, which
    is composed of representatives of all member states, is responsible for endorsing
    ARADO general policy. It holds its meetings on a biennial basis; unless there are certain
    circumstances that require extraordinary meetings.
    The Executive Council
    The Executive Council is composed of seven members elected by the General Assembly
    from among its members for a term of two years. The Executive Council develops, and
    oversights the implementation of ARADO policy and business plans. It holds its meeting
    on a biannual basis, unless there are certain circumstances that require an extraordinary
    The Directorate General
    At the top of which is the Director General, assisted by a Deputy Director General; both
    are appointed by the general assembly for a term of four years. The Directorate General
    comprises a staff of specialists, technicians, administrative and support staff, carefully
    selected on basis of experience, and competency. The Director General tackles the tasks
    of implementing ARADO programs and activities in collaboration and coordination with
    the Executive Council.3
    Jurisdiction and Target Entities
    In fulfillment of its mission, ARADO identifies its programs and activities in annual
    work plans, and offers its services mainly to senior management in government, public,
    and private institutions and organizations. ARADO also acts as a channel for monitoring
    latest ideas and trends in administrative practices and developments and making them
    available to Arab countries.
    In this respect, ARADO role is not limited to targeting senior levels in management in the
    Arab region. It rather extends to include middle and execution levels. Many training
    programs and activities offered by ARADO – about building, developing and running
    administrative systems – are designed with a view to serving such administrative levels in
    public and private sectors alike.

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