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    Time of RV

    RV time

    I have watched dates and predictions come and go. Iraq has their own time frame and itís not going to happen until theyíre ready. Fiscal quarters are an important time line in every big corporationís accounting processes. Fiscal quarters are what the countries GDP reports are measured by. Fiscal quarters are what all the cities, counties, states and countryís important data is based around that has to with numbers from unemployment, to consumer consumption, to sales of commodities, quarterly earnings, quarterly spending I could go on and on.

    Wiki says! Fiscal Quarter

    One fourth of the calendar that businesses use to calculate revenue and expenses. This may or may not correspond to a calendar quarter. For example, the first calendar quarter includes January, February and March because they are the first three months of the calendar year. However, if a business' fiscal year runs from October to September, the first fiscal quarter includes October, November and December.

    When our good man Sinan al-Shabibi was in control of the CBI, he said at the beginning of the year is when he would move the currency. I have it in his speeches, and in the articles that were published from certain online news.

    I subscribe to fiscal quarters. We just went by one and it appeared Abadi was pushing for things to get done by October 1st. Unfortunately for us, it didnít happen. I had forecast that if we saw anything come to fruition it would have been on October 1st or the coming January 1st give or take a couple days.

    Iíve heard several dinar buffs brush aside this little anomaly. Well folks, I donít!

    Countries have books and accounting software. They have to balance figures each quarter and to come out with a major shift in something, a major investment, a major change, it usually falls on, or is planned on for the beginning of a fiscal quarter.

    Why would Shabibi so adamantly talk about it the way he did?

    As I said in my last post, Shabibi was a man of integrity. He knew he couldnít make any promises based on the government of al-Maliki thatís for sure and I donít ever remember him doing it! But he did say this about the currency.

    Right now, while Iraq is pushing hard to complete deals, pass laws, make changes, they have to work this way in a sort of push, just to keep things moving as we know if they even pretend to hesitate, things get dragged out for months and years.

    I am going to say when we see the IQD rise, it will be in the beginning of the year now, and I feel this way because I believe somewhere in the shadows, Shabibi is possibly still pulling the strings of the CBI! Maliki may have gotten rid of him then, but this is now and do I need to remind you that Abadi used to be finance minister when Shabibi was CBI governor. Jubouri and Shaways were also intricatly involved in the finance ministry during that time. Now where are they?

    As much as I hope Iím wrong, and all the others are right and we see this RV come out of the closet anytime now within days or a couple weeks, my money is on the few days around January 1st of 2015. Or a fiscal quarter after that! Please feel free to comment!

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    Re: Time of RV

    No one knows!... Save a few compared to the masses who can only speculate... Thanks for your comment though, and your guess is as good as any... Time will tell... God bless, and take care...

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