Gday all,
I just thought I would put this out there, after 8 plus years I am waiting for this the same as all of you guys, but, the recent events in the middle east have me at the point where I think, enough is enough, why? well sometime on Friday Australian Eastern Time the Director of ASIO will raise the terrorist threat in our nation to its highest level because of the events in Iraq, the repercussions of this will be enormous, to those of us who are down under, it is IMO a game changer, the UK may or may not do the same, I don't know yet, if they do then that too will have a ripple effect. Now I applaud those who dig for information I really do but this is not just a USA event, I have had my head handed to me before on a chat site for pointing that out, so I keep stum now. The politics in Iraq does not phase me as such, its a derivative of the Westminster system as is ours, however, that alone gives me cause for concern, if you have the inclination have a look at our political news, it will put things in perspective, our budget has not yet passed fully, we have a balance of power in the Senate held by a billionaires party, (PUP) that is holding the country to ransom, our PM is a sad case our Treasurer is on a power trip and the Government is somewhere between the Muppet show and Sesame Street, that's IMO of course, well me and about half the country I think, so, Iraq is following/going down the same path as OZ I fear, with a Government that cant function as it should due to power plays and egos, add to that world confidence that must be eroding fast in a nation that is trying to run before it can walk. One thing is for sure Friday will be the pivot point for us I think, if the ASIO Director does follow through with his threat then that is the end for me. Once again thanks to all those who dig and dig for info on this, I wish I felt confident enough to actually chat on the site but as they say, once bitten twice shy.
Regards,, Modeller..