" The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 11 September 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 11 September 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Thursday, 11 September 2014

    Today is day three of victory in the eviction of Maliki or " VEM - Day 3 ".


    The Iraqi parliament adjourned its session till next Tuesday September 16, 2014.



    13 years later: Remembering the 9/11 terror attacks

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    Currency Auctions

    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2768)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 11-9-2014 the results were as follows:

    Number of banks 18
    Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
    Auction price buying dinar / US$ -----
    Amount sold at auction price (US$) 195,372,000
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) -----
    Total offers for buying (US$) 195,372,000
    Total offers for selling (US$) -----

    Exchange rates ( 1,203 Market Price * http://www.cbi.iq/documents/CBI_FORE...E_AUCTIONS.pdf )

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    Abadi's new government will face challenges

    Abadi's new government will face challenges

    Following weeks of debate, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has finally formed his government. However, Abadi's government has yet to overcome tough challenges, such as finalizing Cabinet appointments. Abadi still hasn't chosen a minister of defense or interior, the two most delicate appointments at this stage.

    Summary⎙ Print Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the formation of the new Iraqi government and vowed to answer the demands put forth by political blocs.

    Author Mushreq AbbasPosted September 10, 2014

    Translator(s)Pascale Menassa

    Yet, the most dangerous test for Abadi's government remains ahead: maintaining the fragile national consensus platform. To do this, Abadi must effectively apply strategies to rebuild political partnerships and uproot raging social crises, as well as implement a new framework to achieve progress in the chaotic security file.

    The evening of Sept. 8 was tough for Iraq. People remained glued to their television sets all night, waiting for Abadi to announce his Cabinet, the ministerial plan and the social covenant. In fact, Abadi managed to meet the constitutional deadline for these actions, despite the tensions and disputes that arose during a parliamentary session that continued late in the evening.

    Abadi's governmental program and political agreement passed through the voting blocs. This agreement, which proposed solutions to several problems brought forth by the Sunnis and Kurds, addressed the following issues: settling the program of de-Baathification by referring it to the judiciary and working on the amnesty law, and the need to bring balance to governmental institutions and expand the circle of political participation.

    Abadi also plans to rearrange Iraq's security forces so local units can form within provinces to fight the Islamic State (IS). Furthermore, Abadi will make pacts to resolve several issues in Iraqi Kurdistan, including the wage crisis, oil investments, peshmerga funding and the disputed areas.

    Raising these issues was not an easy card to play. But Abadi also managed to propose his governmental program before the voting session. Abadi's program addressed how to fix the political, security and economic situations and to activate the developmental sector and investment projects. To ensure its support, the Kurdish bloc put conditions on Abadi's program, including giving the government three months to agree to Kurdish demands. Meanwhile, Sunnis continue to object to the lack of binding guarantees for the fulfillment of the pacts.

    Regardless, Abadi committed himself to choosing the ministers of interior and defense within one week. This timeline might seem hard to keep, especially given the huge disputes about the two main appointments that almost toppled the government before it was formed.

    News has leaked regarding the prospective nomination of Hadi al-Amiri, leader of the Badr Corps political party, for the interior minister position, and Khaled Abidi, on behalf of the Sunni Alliance, as defense minister.

    Informed sources told Al-Monitor that Abadi wants Qassem Daoud, a Shiite who is a former minister, to handle the Ministry of Defense, and Jaber al-Jabari, an academic from the Sunni bloc, to oversee the Ministry of Interior. Abadi might attempt to put forward these two names in the coming days, especially since he has overcome the main obstacle in securing wider confidence for his government. He is now in a better position than he was preceding the vote.

    Still, Abadi will face further challenges since his government is considered hawkish.

    His three deputy premiers — Saleh al-Mutlaq (Sunni bloc), Hoshyar Zebari (Kurdish bloc) and Bahaa al-Aaraji (Sadrist bloc) — are among the key leaders in their blocs. Figures like Minister of Oil Adel Abdel Mahdi and Minister of Transportation Baqir Jabr, who are members of the Citizens Coalition, are counted as hawks in the Shiite Alliance. The same applies to Minister of Finance Rowsch Nuri Shaways and Minister of Planning Sulman al-Jumeili.

    Leading a government of hawks will not be easy, especially since there is now a new presidential structure that will include three vice presidents: Nouri al-Maliki, Ayad Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi. These figures, who have been at odds in the past, have also been involved in a heated political dispute.

    Maybe this situation is not comfortable for Abadi, but it is the best-case scenario to overcome the crisis in Iraq. Key and influential players in the government will help Iraq reach a mandatory consensus over future decisions. Their presence will also entail collective responsibility for these decisions.

    A tough stage lies ahead for Abadi’s government. Its efforts should be directed against IS, and it should aim to solve the crises that have displaced thousands. Such a mission necessitates internal consensus and national solidarity.

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    Kurdish MP: the nomination of the ministers of defense and interior should be agreed

    Kurdish MP: the nomination of the ministers of defense and interior should be agreed on by all the blocs

    11/09/2014 09:04:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Susan Baker confirmed that Kurdish blocs have red lines on some of the personalities nominated for the defense and interior ministries, noting that the nomination of the ministers of defense and interior should be adopted by all the political blocs.

    She said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The country has suffered from not naming the ministers of defense and interior in the past few years due to the absence of genuine partnership," adding: "There is an ambiguity in the issue of non-naming security ministers during the past and present terms, even though the prime minister Haider Abadi promised to fill all the seats within a week from the date of formation of the government. "

    She added, "the Kurds fear the return of the scenario of 2010 when all the blocs promised to nominate security ministers, but nothing has changed over the 4 years, and this was one of the reasons for the deterioration of security," ruling out voting on security ministers in the House of Representatives during the next week.

    A political source close to the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi revealed that "Abadi received yesterday the names of the defense and interior ministries after the agreement of the political blocs on them."

    The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Iraqi forces coalition presented Jaber al-Jabri as candidate for the Ministry of Defense, while the National Alliance presented, Qasim al-Araji, from the Badr Organization, a candidate for the post of interior minister"

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    Supreme Council: Shabibi was tried by a philosophy contrary to the system

    Supreme Council: Shabibi was tried by a philosophy contrary to the system

    By kareem Kahdm ten fifty-nine 11/9/2014

    Brother - Baghdad

    Oil Minister and leader of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi, did his duty according to the Constitution and the law, pointing out that "others Hakmoh by philosophy contrary to the current system," noting that the arguments presented, make it an issue Shabibi the issue of age, and major errors to be addressed.

    Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received by the Agency for News News (et) a copy of the day, that "the criminal court convicted al-Shabibi and sentenced him in absentia to imprisonment for seven years, and with respect for the judiciary and the rule according to the data, but the circumstances of the referral and the method and the arguments presented, make it an issue Shabibi issue of age in Iraq, and major errors to be addressed. "
    He added that "Shabibi took his {2003-2012} It is known that the bank is responsible for monetary policy, and charged with overseeing the work of banks and the use of monetary tools to straighten out the economic track, and in particular in the two currency stability, and control inflation, the reserves in 2003 are negative, and the exchange rate {2500 } JD / dollar in the market, and {1500} JD / dollar officially, inflation is more than 100% {} ".
    The Abdul-Mahdi said, "There is no doubt the occurrence of errors, which is part of the work, but the errors of the crime, so it is not exposed any member of the Central Bank, the legal repercussions, for any damage occurred due to any negligence or conduct released him during the performance of his duties, they have immunity under { Article 23/1} in force, and the competent court for that court financial services {}, {already existing Article 63 of the Bank} ", noting that" the immunity guarantee for the implementation of duty, Kalaskara, where he faces legal liability before the competent courts. "
    He explained that the "economic crime and acts of smuggling before 2003, centered offense instruction foreign exchange, either critical philosophy and the current economic emphasizes the freedom of movement of capital and conversion, and blocking and restriction where, without justification, is a violation which is what other countries through its banks and stock exchanges and auctions, and this without Other evidence is not smuggling and Gusala, if there were from the determinants of import or other, it Valmswol departments and other institutions. "
    He said, "Shabibi did his duty according to the Constitution and laws, and others Hakmoh by philosophy contrary to the current system," pointing out that "{Galilei} convicted Court of the Vatican, accused of heresy in 1623, for his defense of the theory of the Earth's rotation around the sun, contrary to the opinion of the church at the time, and was must wait for 1992, offering the Vatican apologize for {} Galilei and restore dignity and innocence, and pays tribute to a statue to him, "adding," We hope not to wait {350} and more, to acquit Al-Shabibi and honored

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    Kurds: Abadi Payout salaries of employees

    Kurds: Abadi Payout salaries of employees

    By kareem Kahdm twelve nineteen 11/9/2014

    Brother - Baghdad

    MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Ribawar Taha, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Cioaz in the coming days regardless salaries of the province for the ninth month.

    Taha said in a statement for "Alsumaria News", seen by the Agency for News News (et) that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Cioaz during the coming days, regardless of the salaries and benefits of the Kurdistan region for the ninth month, without any hesitation."
    Taha added that "the salaries and entitlements of the province has not acted since the beginning of this year, to this day," pointing out that "the disbursement of salaries will be in the form of payments after the formation of the Joint Commission between Baghdad and Erbil."
    The House of Representatives gave the Kurds during a vote of confidence, which was held last Monday (September 8, 2014), Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi three months to implement their demands they have made in their paper negotiating.

    The KRG President Barzani stressed, in (27 August 2014), that all Kurdish leaders decided to be cooperative in order to form a government as soon as possible, noting that the Kurds have clear demands, such as Article 140 of the Constitution, and the issue of the Peshmerga, and the budget , and oil.

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    Finance parliamentary slowed the government a week to send the budget

    Finance parliamentary slowed the government a week to send the budget

    By kareem Kahdm twelve one 11/9/2014

    Brother - Baghdad

    Gave the Finance Committee parliamentary temporary, on Thursday, the Ministry of Finance weeks to send the budget bill in preparation for approval during the September current, indicating that it demanded that the ministry is also providing data on income and actual expenditures in detail all since the beginning of January 2014 and up 31 from last August, with the submission of a report on the income and expenditure conjecture for the remainder of the year, and how they are distributed, and determine the priority and trochanter of the year 2013 the past. "
    The Chairperson of the Committee Magda al-Tamimi, in a press statement, seen by the Agency for News News (et) "The draft federal budget for 2014, the current returned to the government on the seventh of August last, to make some adjustments," noting that "the Parliament granted the government in time for 15 days to modify it and return it to him for approval, but they did not send the project so far. "
    She explained, that "the Commission demanded that the Ministry of Finance's budget also provides for some cash balances," it is usually in the case of "The arrival of these data will have the clear idea about the financial and monetary situation of the country."
    And on highlighting the amendments on the budget, said Tamimi, that "more government amendments to the draft federal budget law has on my armament and displaced, because of the current security situation faced by the country," She said "file armament included purchase of aircraft as well as the salaries of popular mobilization."
    And went head of the parliamentary Finance Committee temporary, that "the investment budget trimmed with stop spending on new projects, and the launch of the ongoing projects only."
    Tamimi revealed, for "there is no intention to form a joint committee between the Parliamentary Finance and temporary BSA and the Council of Ministers, to study the final accounts of the state."
    With regard to the amounts of oil revenues deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq, DFI, The MP said Tamimi, "The fund has a sales amounts of oil daily by turning to him," asserting that "the average daily export of oil up to nearly two million barrels at a price of 103 dollars per barrel

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    (Jaber al-Jabri) closest to assume the defense of (Khalid al-Obeidi)

    (Jaber al-Jabri) closest to assume the defense of (Khalid al-Obeidi)

    By kareem Kahdm 11/9/2014 10:19 a.m.

    (Jaber al-Jabri) closest to assume the defense of (Khalid al-Obeidi)

    Brother - Baghdad

    MP for the coalition of national forces Salah al-Jubouri, on Wednesday, the chances of the candidate Jaber al-Jabri to take over the Ministry of Defence over the fortunes of the candidate Khaled al-Obeidi.

    Jubouri said in a press statement, seen by the Agency for News News (et) that "the alliance of national forces discussed the issue nominate a person under the terms of the Prime Minister (competence, experience, integrity) for the assumption of the Ministry of Defense, and presented two candidates Jaber al-Jabri and Khalid al-Obeidi."

    He added that "the chances of Jabri national forces within the alliance over al-Obeidi, the assumption of the post of defense minister."
    Revealed Badr parliamentary bloc, said on Wednesday that the bloc MP Qassem al-Araji, the second candidate to take over the administration of the Ministry of the Interior in the new government, as an alternative candidate, former Ameri blocs in the case refused to be called to the ministry.

    And the voice of Iraqi Council of Representatives, the first on Monday (September 8, 2014), to give confidence to the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, except for some ministries, notably security, with the promise of providing Abadi candidates during a period not exceeding seven days.

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    Sinead alternative candidate for membership in al-Maliki Parliament

    Sinead alternative candidate for membership in al-Maliki Parliament

    By kareem Kahdm 11/9/2014 10:10 a.m.

    Brother - Baghdad

    A source in the parliamentary bloc call for the nomination of a number of names to fill the membership of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki in the House of Representatives.

    The source told all of Iraq [where], seen by the Agency for News News (et) that "among the names put forward as an alternative to membership in parliament, a candidate for the State of Law coalition in the parliamentary elections [Hassan Sinead]."

    "There are many names as substitutes for membership of al-Maliki, but has not resolved any of them once and for all."
    The candidate for a coalition of state law and the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party Hassan Sinead did not get enough votes in the House of Representatives election, which took place on 30 April last to qualify to win membership of Parliament.
    The Electoral Commission for elections, has stressed the need to be compensated for his successor, Attorney appointed in the government or any position in the state candidates in parliamentary elections and is considered ratified by it.
    For his part, said legal expert Tareq Harb said that "all of the uses in the executive position replaces the same mass and the same conservative bloc must compensate a substitute for it the same conservative, according to the election law."

    It is said that the House of Representatives has granted its Monday, September 9 confidence in the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Vice-President of the Republic, including three Nouri al-Maliki.

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    Abadi hope of restoring confidence between Baghdad and Erbil

    Kurdistan's (et al): Abadi hope of restoring confidence between Baghdad and Erbil

    By kareem Kahdm ten nine a.m. 11/9/2014

    Brother - and Sam Mulla

    The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Ribawar Taha Mustafa have "some observations on the government program for the devotional." Noting that "the Kurdish delegation presented some demands during the negotiations, but they are not included in the government program."

    Mustafa said in a statement singled out by the reporter Agency for News News (et) that "there are some shenanigans of hand crafted line-up, hand-written materials in close political partnership." He explained: "We have objection to the annexation of the Peshmerga formations National Guard, as he was part of the security system in Iraq."

    Mustafa called on the government to implement the program as written, and not to be just slogans. He pointed out that "previous governments did not do justice to the rights of the Kurds, and some of the items mentioned in the government program must be adhered to by al-Abadi." He called for "Abadi return of confidence between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and must sit on the table to find appropriate solutions between the two parties. Stressing" the need to show the necessary flexibility Abadi direction of the requirements of the components of Iraq, because he inflexibility will reflect negatively on the government. "

    The Iraqi Council of Representatives, he was awarded Monday night, (the eighth of September 2014 Current), the confidence of the Government of Haider al-Abadi, and his Ministerial, which was accompanied by a political agreement, in the session "hot" lasted about two hours, where the 23 ministers section, while the remaining Ministries of Interior The defense and the other bags, managed by proxy, after pledging Abadi deducted during the week.

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