Iraq: new government to allow the export of its oil Erbil
Field «Taq Taq» oil near Erbil (Reuters)
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Version: paper - International Monday, September 1 / September 2014 (00:00 - GMT)
Last Updated: Monday, September 1 / September 2014 (00:00 - GMT) BAGHDAD - Naseer Goldfinch
Iraqi sources said, that the new government gave the green light for the region to export its oil to be regulated by it under the terms of the new law for oil and gas.
According to sources, the «life» that «the financial returns for the sales region and deposited in the Turkish bank, Sathor parties in that, but most likely will be spent on the salaries of the Peshmerga and fill the debt of foreign oil companies operating in the region». She stressed that «interlocutors Kurds want to end the file of oil and give wide powers to the region include export and contracting, but it is not yet a solution to how to distribute the proceeds between the two governments».
The Oil Ministry announced, that «the loss of Iraq since the beginning of this year amounted to more than 16 billion dollars due to the non-delivery of the region's share of its oil exports and stop oil pipeline Kirkuk - Ceyhan». A spokesman Assem Jihad «Iraqi oil exports via the Kirkuk - Ceyhan stalled since last March because of terrorist operations and thus lose Iraq, between 300 to 400 thousand barrels per day, which reduces monthly revenue of about 1.2 billion dollars».
He added: «Iraq also lose revenues of 400 thousand barrels of crude oil from the Kurdistan region agreed in the budget of 2014, which did not adhere delivered since the beginning of the year, so the loss will be limited to the amounts estimated at 1.2 billion dollars a month». However, to say: «But the increases that will occur on Iraq's oil exports soon, can not compensate for the shortfall from the stop line of Ceyhan.
The gunmen deliberately organizing «Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant» (Daash) yesterday to blow up wells Nineveh province they control about two months ago, in response to the international resolutions which emphasized not to deal with their oil being a getaway funding mechanisms.
The lack of oil revenues paid to the state treasury to the Iraqi Some observers expect the application of austerity measures until last year and perhaps during the first half of next year at the very least.
He pointed out a senior lawmaker in the «coalition of civil democratic» ultra-Sheikh to that «the state intends to apply the system of austerity in the country, pointing out that the alliance has a plan to recruit a million people in the private sector». He wrote on his site «Facebook»: «our disappointing is that the state is on its way to a rationalization and the use of austerity policy (...) This is sad news». He added: «We have prepared a democratic alliance of civil projects and legislation to run about a million people in the private sector companies with the quest to achieve guarantees pensions do not differ from guarantees appointment in the state».
A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Nora Albjara ruled that «the government resorted to declare the event a general sense of austerity». She said in a statement to «life»: «Presidential Commission tasked with studying the budget, which includes members of the legislative and executive branches, concluded that the issuance of an invitation to the Ministry of Finance of the Iraqi Thoudha to reconsider its spending, and the exclusion of non-essential or recycled for the next year, and to maintain the operating expenses, with some cuts to reduce the deficit, which could reach $ 80 billion if approved budget bill call itself, which made it last year, amounting to 151 billion dollars ».
It continued: «cuts could affect projects planned for this year to ministries and provinces, considering that this year coming to an end also could affect the expenses of presidential and other».
The student and the Minister of Natural Resources in the government of the region, Ashti Hawrami, the new government attempts to cut off the road in front of the harmful and illegal oil ministry about the region's oil export operations, as pointed out that the Government of the Territory to the call to prevent the Iraqi export to America failed.
Issued Hawrami a statement saying: «decision of the Court of Texas to cancel the detention of a tanker carrying nearly one million barrels of oil Kurdish near the Texas American, defended to reassure the buyer of crude oil from Kurdistan in the United States» and others, hoping to finish the resolution «attempts oil ministry intervention economic rights in Kurdistan ». He added: «Kurdistan region oil is produced legally and repeated and issued and sold in accordance with the rights recognized in the Constitution and recognized in international law», calling for «to reach the federal government's new Iraq, to ​​understand the rights of oil and gas for the Kurdistan region and that blocks the road in front of attempts harmful and illegal Ministry of Oil ».