" The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 13 August 2014
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Thread: " The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 13 August 2014

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    " The Dinar Daily ", Wednesday, 13 August 2014

    It is EVICT MALIKI DAY + ONE HUNDRED FIVE ( 105 ) or " E - M DAY + 105 "

    " ............ the expiration of the mandate of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.", * now there is a likable phrase - CHATTELS

    AIN statistics: Maliki spends more than 3000 days in PM Post

    Tuesday, 12 August 2014 11:26

    Baghdad (AIN) –Statistics prepared by All Iraq News Agency show that the outgoing Premier, Nouri al-Maliki has spend more than 3000 days in the Prime Minister Post.

    It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi National Alliance nominated Haider al-Ebadi to replace Maliki under Maliki's objection.



    Tuesday, 15 July 2014 21:23

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker of the Parliament and his two Deputy Speakers assumed their duties officially.

    The Parliament succeeded in electing Speaker of the Parliament, Salim al-Jebuori, and his first Deputy, Haider al-Ebadi, as well as his 2nd deputy, Aram al-Sheikh Mohamed.


    Iraq parliament elects Kurdish politician Fuad Masum as new president

    KURDISH politician Fuad Masum has become the new president of Iraq, in a step towards forming a new government that visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon says must be inclusive for the country to survive.

    Fierce fighting ... volunteers who joined the Iraqi army to fight against Jihadist militants of the Islamic State (IS) brandish their weapons as they come as backup at a checkpoint north of Baghdad. Source: AFP

    A June onslaught on Sunni Arab areas north and west of Baghdad, led by the jihadist Islamic State group, has brought Iraq to the brink of breakup, with the government struggling to assert any authority beyond its Shiite power base.

    Parliament elected Masum, who served as the first prime minister of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region more than two decades ago, by an overwhelming majority of 211 votes to 17.

    He had been almost guaranteed the job after Kurdish parties struck a late-night deal to support him.

    Under an unofficial power-sharing deal, Iraq’s Kurds traditionally get the post of president.

    The move could pave the way for a deal on the much more powerful post of prime minister.


    Source: The parliament's session postponed to Monday instead of tomorrow 09/08/2014 11:58:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A parliamentary source said that the parliamentary session, scheduled on Sunday, was postponed to next Monday.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "the parliamentary session, scheduled tomorrow, was postponed to next Monday," without giving any details about the reason for the postponement.


    and, now a reason,

    Parliament session postponed to next Monday

    Saturday, 09 August 2014 14:34

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliament Speakership postponed the parliament session to next Monday.

    Parliamentary source stated to AIN "The Speaker, Saleem al-Jobouri, and the Deputy Speaker, Haider al-Ebadi and Aram al-Sheikh decided to postpone the session to next Monday to give the political blocs a chance to finalize its discussions to nominate a candidate for the Premier Post."



    Massoum has given the bloc a deadline of 3 pm local time Monday (8 am Eastern time) to choose a new candidate or he would name al-Maliki to a third term, two Iraqi politicians told the Journal.



    1st Deputy Speaker announces extending period for tasking new PM

    Monday, 11 August 2014 10:44

    Baghdad (AIN) –The First Deputy Speaker, Haider al-Ebadi, announced extending the constitutional period allocated for tasking a new Prime Minister till 3 pm Monday.

    In a statement posted via Facebook, he said "The Iraqi National Alliance is about to nominate a candidate accepted by all political sides."




    Haydar al-Abbadi Is the New Iraq PM Candidate

    Posted by Reidar Visser on Monday, 11 August 2014 13:48

    Today, what remains of the pan-Shiite National Alliance formally presented Haydar al-Abbadi of the Daawa party as their PM candidate. Abbadi will be charged by President Fuad Masum to replace the current PM, Nuri al-Maliki.

    The political realities behind this move can be summarized as follows. For some weeks, pressure has been building inside Maliki’s State of Law coalition to have him changed. Finally today, factions led by Haydar al-Abbadi of the Daawa and Hussein al-Shahristani, the current deputy PM, broke with Maliki to nominate Abbadi for PM. Early reports suggests 38 Daawa MPs and 12 members of the Shahristani bloc abandoned Maliki, leaving him with the backing of only around 45 members of the original 95-member State of Law bloc. It is worth noting that the traditionally pro-Iranian Badr organization has not been enumerated among the 128 or so supporters of Abbadi.

    Constitutionally and legally, today’s developments also clear the air. Until yesterday, Maliki could plausibly plead the case that the president should have charged him with forming the government before the official deadline expired. However, today’s action by the Shiite alliance showed that Maliki’s claim to represent the largest bloc no longer has any basis, because State of Law has disintegrated. Accordingly, Maliki’s promise to bring the case before the Iraqi federal supreme court will be of academic interest only. Any attempt by him to challenge the nomination through other means than the court will be profoundly anti-democratic.

    Haydar al-Abbadi is a former finance minister who is well liked by groups outside the Daawa and State of Law, who elected him as deputy speaker for the new parliament earlier. He will now have 30 days to present his cabinet for approval by the Iraqi parliament with an absolute majority.



    Start commissioning (Abadi) by a presidential decree
    By khabaar khaba 11/08/2014 04:58

    The leader of the Supreme Council, led by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, Fadi al-Shammari reporter Agency for News News (et) shortly before the start of commissioning procedures by a presidential decree for the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haider al-Abadi.

    The feet of the National Alliance, a leader in the coalition of state law and the Dawa Party, Haider Abadi, head of the new government.

    And got Agency for News News (et) on official documents show that the Alliance was formally presented to the prime minister, al-Abadi.


    Aajl..masom cost Abadi to form the next government
    Monday, August 11 / August 2014 15:10

    Commissioned by President Fuad Masum, the day Monday, the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi to form a government.

    According to a source familiar with told all of Iraq [where] that "the infallible and after Abadi nomination for prime minister instructed the latter to form the next government."

    The National Reform Movement, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced officially on Monday, the nomination of the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party and the current First Deputy Speaker of the House Haider Abadi for the post of prime minister in the government Aljdidh.anthy



    Article 76:

    First: The President of the Republic shall charge the nominee of the largest
    Council of Representatives bloc with the formation of the Council of Ministers
    within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President of the Republic.

    Second: The Prime Minister-designate shall undertake the naming of the members
    of his Council of Ministers within a period not to exceed thirty days from the date
    of his designation.

    Third: If the Prime Minister-designate fails to form the Council of Ministers
    during the period specified in clause “Second,” the President of the Republic shall
    charge a new nominee for the post of Prime Minister within fifteen days.

    Fourth: The Prime Minister-designate shall present the names of his members of
    the Council of Ministers and the ministerial program to the Council of
    Representatives. He is deemed to have gained its confidence upon the approval,
    by an absolute majority of the Council of Representatives, of the individual
    Ministers and the ministerial program.

    Fifth: The President of the Republic shall charge another nominee to form the
    Council of Ministers within fifteen days in case the Council of Ministers did not
    win the vote of confidence.


    Published on Aug 11, 2014

    Declared the presidency formally approve commissioning Haider Abadi, the formation of the new government.

    Sources of Baghdadi President Fuad Masum, cost-Abadi told a news conference at the headquarters of the Presidency and the presence of the President of Parliament, Salim al.
    , and The National Alliance has announced his candidacy Haider Abadi, in a letter sent to the presidency attached to the signing of 127 MPs from the National Alliance, representing blocs of advocacy and independent Almndutin in the State of Law coalition and the Liberal blocs and coalitions of citizens and reform and virtue.



    Biography of Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi

    Mon Aug 11 2014 19:28 | (Voice of Iraq)

    - Birth and maintain: 1952 Baghdad
    His father, Dr. Jawad al-Abadi doctor known and who served as director of the hospital nervous in Baghdad and the inspector general of the Health Ministry and has his retirement in 1979 in the list of 42 doctors decision of the Revolution Command Council dissolved due to lack of loyalty to the Baath regime. Died in London and was buried where not to allow the former regime opponents to bury their dead in their own country.

    MP Haydar Abbadi
    Academic achievement:
    - Completed the study in the elementary and middle eastern Karrada in Baghdad.
    - Finished junior high school in junior high in central Baghdad in 1970.
    - He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Technology in Baghdad in electrical engineering in 1975.
    - Familiarize doctoral and master's degrees at the University of Manchester in England at his own expense, and earned a doctorate in electrical and electronic engineering in 1980.
    Political activity:
    - Belonged to the Islamic Dawa Party in 1967, a few days after a setback in June at the age of fifteen years and practiced his activity in the party and in the outside in the security conditions extremely dangerous, especially with the takeover of the Baath regime on the capabilities of the country and the arrest of some officials partisans who persevered steadfastness of the heroes and the martyrdom of others mercy God.
    - Currently in charge of the Political Bureau of the Party and spokesman in his name in addition to his membership in the leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - Took over the responsibility to speak on behalf of the Islamic Dawa Party in Britain and abroad, especially to the media, global in exposing the crimes of the former regime and found guilty and defend the Iraqi people and the rejection of the blockade imposed on it, and attendance at international forums and in the UN definition Bmazlomah the Iraqi people at a time when much of the world is silent or supports the Baathist regime in its crimes against the Iraqi people.
    - Has had a prominent presence in opposition to the Baathist regime and decisively to address the elements of the former regime and abroad participated in the activities of the opposition against the regime and also contributed to the national conferences of the opposition which was attended by the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - In 1983, his passport was withdrawn by order of the Presidency of the intelligence system on charges of activity hostile to the Baath regime by documents found.
    - In 1982, the Baath regime executed two of his brothers, one a university professor and two employees in the state on charges of belonging to the Islamic Dawa Party. In 1981 the former regime arrested his brother, who was third in the second year of the College of Medicine and spent ten years in prison on the same charge.
    - In 1980, took over the responsibility of the Office for the Middle East, the Islamic Dawa Party which is based in Beirut.
    - In 1979, became a member of the executive leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party.
    - In 1977, he was responsible for the Islamic Dawa Party organizations in Britain.

    MP Haydar Abbadi
    Political positions:
    - Currently vice president of the House of Representatives where he was elected for the rule of law in the elections of April 2014 is a member of the House of Representatives since 2006 for the city of Baghdad.
    - In the same year he was elected Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment and Reconstruction, one of the committees main actors and vitality in the House of Representatives is the most important achievements under his presidency: to pursue the development and rehabilitation of public sector companies to the state through legislation and financial allocations, and follow up the implementation of investment budgets and the reasons for the lag in implementation, and strive to provide facilities and to support the industrial and agricultural sector and encourage national industries, and contribute to the legislation, a package of economic laws the task of which the Investment Law and Consumer Protection Law and the Law on the protection of national products and the customs tariff law and competition law and antitrust and other laws essential for the development and protection of the Iraqi economy and improve the standard of living of citizens and decent work for them .
    - In 2005 he became an adviser to the Prime Minister, where he took several files, including his appointment as general coordinator for the city of Tal Afar to rid it from the control of al-Qaeda and terrorism excommunicating where deemed of the most successful achievements of the government at that time and set an example for the cooperation of the people and tribes of different affiliations and persuasions to confront and expel the terror of national unity between the sons city. It also took over the task of coordination with the United Nations about the displaced Iraqis caused by terrorist acts. The Foundation took over the follow-up information for the development of its standards and digital computers in Iraq
    - Appointed Minister of Communications in 2003, where he oversaw the reconstruction of switches that were destroyed during the war and re-ground telephone service in record time. In his tenure as the ministry expanded Internet service quickly began as the first wireless phone service. Also develop a plan for the Ministry relies rehabilitate Iraqi capabilities in the telecommunications sector, and a strategy to develop a comprehensive and essential infrastructure at the near and medium and long term, and that the adoption of the latest technology available, and draw a clear policy for the telecommunications sector and the development of structuring the work of this sector in Iraq in order to launch its capabilities and provide the service that you need country.
    Professional work and career:
    - After receiving a bachelor's degree in 1975, the work of a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in Baghdad, for being ahead in the study where he was second in the sequence section.
    - Work from 1981 to 1987 as president of the research team at the company (LDPE) in London for the rapid transfer of the vertical and using modern technology based on his dissertation. It also assumed responsibility for the implementation of electronic control in the project for the transfer of the vertical in the center of the City of London.
    - In 1987 he became an expert in the technology of rapid transit in London.
    - Contributed in 1997 in planning for quick transfer of vertical giant virtual city and planned to be built in the future in Japan with an area of one million square meters, which can accommodate one million people and a height of a thousand meters.
    - In 1998 received a grant for technology innovation from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, UK.
    - Participated in the design of electronic transmission pedestrian bridge to the second millennium in London in 1999 on the basis of his research for a patent.
    - In 2001, has been patented in London for his work in the field of rapid transit (Snkerorel) using modern technology, the adoption of his thesis for a doctorate.
    - Took over the presidency of the Foundation sophisticated technology in London in 1993, in addition to his work an expert in technology Rapid Transit until 2003 when he returned to Iraq after the fall of the former regime.
    - Has a scientific research about the control system setups and designs for new types of electric motors with electronic control and also participated in many seminars and scientific conferences in Britain.
    Other concerns:
    - A professor of materials science and verses of the Koran and the interpretation of provisions in the Islamic College in London in conjunction with the British Brunel University students for undergraduate study years 1999 to 2003.
    - Has a research on the position of Islam, democracy and the concept of one nation, and about intolerance and issued a book entitled "Manual of Science in the Koran."
    - Research has English on the interpretation of the verses of the Koran and texts and sentences in the verses of the Islamic faith beliefs.
    - Participation and lecturing at many conferences and courses and Islamic cultural and overseeing the annual cultural conferences.



    Meet Haider al-Abadi, the man named Iraq’s new prime minister

    Iraq's president on Monday named Haider al-Abadi as the country's new prime minister, an appointment that came amid speculation that the embattled incumbent, Nouri al-Maliki, would cling to power even after his country had dissolved into chaos and the United States made it clear that it would not support him as leader anymore.

    But who is Abadi? Born in Baghdad in 1952, Abadi was educated at the University of Baghdad and later received a doctorate from the University of Manchester in Britain. He lived in Britain for many years after his family was targeted by Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime. He was trained as an electrical engineer, but he entered politics after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. He became minister of communications in the Iraqi Governing Council in September 2003, then was a key adviser to Maliki in Iraq's first post-invasion elected government. Just weeks ago, he was elected deputy speaker of parliament, and he has been considered a contender for prime minister in the past two elections.

    The bigger question, however, is whether Abadi will be able to overcome the challenges confronting Iraq more successfully than Maliki. Like Maliki, he's a Shiite Muslim and is a member of the ruling State of Law coalition. One of the chief criticisms of Maliki was that he entrenched Iraq's sectarian politics, filling the government with Shiite politicians and limiting Sunni and Kurdish power.

    Earlier this summer, Abadi gave a striking interview to the Huffington Post's Mehdi Hasan in which he discussed the possibility of Iranian intervention in the fight against the Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group that has taken over vast swaths of Iraq.

    "We are waiting for the Americans to give us support," he said in the June interview. "If U.S. air strikes [happen], we don't need Iranian air strikes. If they don't, then we may need Iranian strikes." Abadi has also had differences with Iraq's Kurdish community at points: Last year he warned that a dispute over Iraqi Kurdistan's oil exports could lead to the "disintegration" of the country, and he was criticized by Kurdish politicians during the negotiations over the 2013 budget.

    However, Abadi does seem to be aware that the Iraqi government and security forces have made serious mistakes in the current conflict. He told Hasan that the government needs to listen to stories of the "excesses" of the security forces to decide how to respond. And he was clear that Iraq needed to avoid being dragged into the type of war the Islamic State clearly desires.

    "We have to be careful not to become involved in a sectarian war," he told Hasan. "Shias are not against Sunnis and Sunnis are not against Shias."

    Reidar Visser, an academic expert on Iraqi politics, says that although Abadi comes from the same political faction as Maliki, he enjoys much broader support, especially from Kurds and Sunnis.

    Part of this is his more distinguished background. "Many of the elites from the governing council-era consider him one of their own in terms of a prestigious family background, whereas Maliki was seen as more of an upstart from humble origins," Visser notes in an e-mail. "Things like that count in the (old-fashioned and traditional) Iraqi establishment."

    President Fouad Massoum, a Kurd, seemed confident Monday that Abadi could lead the country. “Now the Iraqi people are in your hands,” he said as he shook Abadi's hand. Now Iraq waits to see whether Maliki will acquiesce.



    Iraqi Prime Minister-Designate Starts Talks on Government Formation

    Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi began talks with the parties of the country's parliament on the formation of a new government.
    REUTERS / Ahmed Saad

    MOSCOW, August 12 (RIA Novosti) - Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi began talks with the parties of the country's parliament on the formation of a new government, the Sky News Arabia TV channel reported Tuesday.
    Abadi confirmed that he is ready to discuss "not only the formation of a new government, but also a general policy of overcoming constitutional, political and economic issues in Iraq."
    The prime minister-designate called on all political forces "that respect the constitution and democratic practices to unite in the face of challenges Iraq needs to resolve."
    According to the channel, the talks are to last for a month.
    On Monday, Iraqi President Fuad Masum officially asked Abadi to form a new government. However, outgoing Prime Minister Nouri Maliki did not agree with Abadi's nomination and said he would take the case to court.
    Maliki accused Masum of violating the constitution by failing to name a prime minister within 15 days. When President Masum was appointed on July 24, he had an initial 15-day period to go through the political process of appointing a new prime minister.
    The process was jeopardized by Maliki's decision to seek a third term and reports that his Islamic Dawa Party had refused to cooperate in the formation of a new government.
    The nomination of Abadi as prime minister-designate has been supported by the United States, the European Union and Iran.



    Abadi's ((eighth day)): Cab of cabinet will be ready next week

    Agency eighth dayAugust 11, 2014

    BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

    Announced the new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi assigned by the President of the Republic, that the ministerial cab will be ready within the next week.

    Ebadi said in a statement ((eighth day)) that "naming ministers next government will be announced next week, but not accepted for the delay, stressing that the minister will be named on the basis of competence, integrity and history of all people of good candidates.

    He added, We are keen on the participation of all political forces in the next government in order to build a democratic process sober.

    The President of the Republic had commissioned Haider Abadi officially to form the next government as the National Alliance candidate for the presidency of Wazzra.t (AA-19)


    * MAYBE " THIS " WEEK *


    Tariq Harb: the voting session on the government on September 9

    Mon Aug 11 2014 18:18 | (Voice of Iraq)

    The legal expert Tareq Harb, said the prime minister-designate, Haider Abadi, a period of 30 days to form a government.

    The war in an interview with the site of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUKcc.net), on Monday, 08/11/2014, that the constitutional period, which should form Abadi, during which, the government, ending 30 days after the issuance of the decree of the Republic instructed to, noting that the deadline granted to Ebadi expire on 09.09.2014, and during this period, naming his ministers, and the preparation of the ministerial program of his government, pointing out that it depends on the consensus and nominations blocs, expressing his belief that there is almost unanimous support Abadi of the blocks, and expected success Abadi in the formation of the government during the constitutional period granted to him.

    He pointed to a war that in the event failed to form a government in al-Abadi, or did not impair his cabinet confidence of the House of Representatives, Ffleris Republic, to instruct anyone else to form a government, without the requirement to be a candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc.

    He pointed out that the war meeting of the Council of Representatives to vote on the government, should be next on September 9, indicating that there is no harm in delayed a day or two.

    This was the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, issued a decree today, commissioned by the National Alliance candidate Haider Abadi, the formation of the new Federal Government.

    She explained Member of Parliament for the Green bloc, MP Ala Talabani, in an interview for (PUKcc.net), on Monday, that the President of the Republic issued a decree Republican candidate commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc, a National Alliance to form a government.

    PUKcc ultra Yazidi



    Former MP: internal, Arab and international support for Abadi contributes to form the government in record time

    13/08/2014 08:44:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The former MP, Izzat Shahbandar said, "The internal support by the political blocs and the Arab and international support for Haider Abadi will contribute to the formation of the government in record time."

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that " Haider Abadi will form the government as soon as possible, and in record time compared to the formation of the two governments in 2006 and 2010." noting that "the nature of the government that will be chosen by Abadi, will determine whether this government is capable of contain and absorb the problems and conflicts and challenges in the country. "

    Shabandar said that "Maliki has the right to appeal the decision of assigning and pleading, but what governs by the Iraqi judiciary must be complied with by al-Maliki."

    About king of Saudi Arabia congratulatory to Fuad Masum, Saleem al-Jubouri and Haider al-Abadi, on the occasion of occupying three presidential positions, he replied that "the Arab position in general was believed that" the crisis of relations between Iraq and its Arab neighbors and the region, was a political, which was pursued by al-Maliki, so it is natural Saudi Arabia and others welcome any change whether prime minister Abadi or any other.

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    America has announced to send more troops to Iraq

    Officials: America has announced to send more troops to Iraq

    Tue Aug 12 2014 23:19 | (Voice of Iraq)

    WASHINGTON (Reuters)

    American officials said that the Obama administration may announce on Tuesday a decision to send more military advisers to help Iraq, where the United States in response to militant Islamist fighters threatening to minorities and Iraqi Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq.

    American officials said on condition of anonymity that is likely to be released later on Tuesday, the decision to send 70 others, at least militarily to Iraq, but internal discussions going on and did not take a final decision yet.

    Since the fighters captured the Islamic state regulation over large areas in the northwest of Iraq in June, the United States sent about 700 military adviser to protect American diplomats there and assess the ability of Iraq's military.



    U.S Defense Secretary announces sending / 130 / U.S. military advisers to Kurdistan
    13/08/2014 08:43:00

    Washington / NINA / U.S Defense minister, Chuck Hagel declared sending 130 American military adviser to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, to plan and to assist in the evacuation of displaced people trapped in Jebel Sinjar.

    Hegel said in a speech in front of a crowd of Marines at Camp Pendleton military base in California that the purpose of sending advisors to Arbil is to assess what we can do in order to continue to help the Iraqis."

    Hegel emphasized that these forces do not participate in combat operations on the ground and we will not go back to Iraq to participate in any of the combat missions. "

    For his part, a senior official at the Pentagon explained that the military envoys are from the Marines and special task forces, who will assess the humanitarian situation, noting that "their mission may last for less than a week."

    He added that the American government will continue to look for ways to support the Iraqis who have been affected by the ongoing conflict in Sinjar and work to prevent the possibility of genocide.

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    Britain to send helicopters to help in the relief mission in Iraq

    Britain to send helicopters to help in the relief mission in Iraq

    Tue Aug 12 2014 23:17 | (Voice of Iraq) - Reuters

    The British government said on Tuesday that Britain would send helicopters Chinook to help refugees trapped in northern Iraq, especially in the Mount Sinjar.

    A spokesman from the office of Prime Minister David Cameron after a meeting of the emergency committee of the government "as part of our efforts to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Iraq, we will send a small number of helicopters Chinook to the area to be used if we decide that we need more options for humanitarian relief."

    The spokesman also said that Britain had agreed to the transfer of military supplies vital contribution offered by other countries for Kurdish forces to be able to protect refugees in Kurdistan Iraq militants the Islamic state.

    And forced fighters of state regulation, which wants to establish Islamic caliphate in Iraq, Syria, thousands of people who belong to a religious minority Yazidi from their homes to Mount Sinjar.

    The helicopters of the type of Chinook her over the operations of 500 miles and have the ability to drop in land and rugged and can be used to transport heavy loads in the evacuation operations.

    Britain is already in the region to topple the aid of a giant cargo planes of the C-130s were sent on Tuesday Tornado aircraft to assist in humanitarian efforts.

    The government said three British aid drop operations have already taken place, where the two C-130s deliver 3180 water containers reusable full amount of a total of 15900 liters of pure water and 816 solar lamps on Monday evening.

    Cameron's office declined so far calls from politicians and other commentators to call for the convening of parliament from its summer recess and discuss whether London should join the United States in its military intervention against the Islamic state.

    (Preparation Refky emeritus of the Arab Bulletin - Edit Saifuddin Hamdan)


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    Peshmerga receive a weapon and American officials stress response: change in Baghdad

    Peshmerga receive a weapon and American officials stress response: change in Baghdad will enhance cooperation to defeat terrorism

    Tue Aug 12 2014 23:14 | (Voice of Iraq) - long-Presse / Baghdad

    Revealed the outskirts of Kurdish informed about the receipt of the troops, "peshmerga" US arms directly from the United States, and suggested leaders high in Erbil, that expands international support for the province in its battle against Daash after political developments in the country, stressing that the cooperation opportunities with Baghdad has become more than ever .

    These developments come after making remarkable progress against the Peshmerga militants Daash east of Mosul, according to what reported by the politicians as a response to the (range) stressed that the Kurdish forces go easy in the face of militants inside residential neighborhoods in the district of Jalawla in order to preserve the lives of civilians, after the organization dominated parts The wide range of the city, which saw displacement of the population.

    In this regard, says former Kurdish MP Hassan Jihad said that "letters of American officials indicated that it will speed up the processes of armament and military support with the approach of forming a government to Atgosai harmonious one."

    He continued jihad, a former member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary, saying that "Washington delivered two days before the new weapons to the Peshmerga forces directly," pointing out that "Washington is determined to strengthen the Kurdish forces to confront militants who surround Kurdistan."

    She spoke American sources for supplying Washington peshmerga fighters in the Kurdistan region with weapons directly to help them in the fight against insurgents in the expansion of the role of the American military in Iraq. The sources said that the arms provided by the CIA, but the Ministry of Defence may soon begin arming Kurdish fighters.

    Said State Department spokesman Marie Harff "cooperate with the Iraqi government to send weapons to the Kurds who need them at full speed .. Sazodonhm Iraqi weapons of their stocks and are working to do the same thing .. provide them with weapons of our stocks."

    For his part, Adnan Mufti, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), "The United States initially supported the reform internally among the Iraqis themselves. Americans and confirmed their willingness to provide military assistance."

    And confirms the Mufti, in a statement to (range), that "the American position clear support of Iraq and the region after the events of Sinjar and drunk, and help for minorities in the Haunted humanity."

    And saw the leader of the party, Talabani said that "the first reaction to the nomination of al-Abadi was the emphasis on military support and readiness of security forces."

    From the other side says Mufti, a former head of the Kurdistan Parliament, said that "the change in Baghdad and the formation of a new government will open big opportunities for cooperation between the two parties in the political and military side."

    In the opinion of the Kurdish leader said that "the problem were not as personal as being a problem in the approach to the former, who was born a range of crises between the province and the federal government," and expressed the wish that "the changes in the new government formation, and that the new government will put in priority the issue of employees' salaries and the Peshmerga, Then solve the problem of oil. "

    At the field level, said Shwan Mohammed Taha, a member of the security committee previously, that "the Peshmerga forces are making clear progress in the district of drunken and hand Alkwyr", pointing out that the "Kurdish forces attack the nests of militants Daash, also directed the aircraft skyrocket strikes against militants in the Sinjar."

    And confirms Taha (range) by saying "there is coordination high between Kurdish forces and the Ministry of Defense of the Federal in the field of intelligence and information sharing," expected to "increase the level of cooperation after the formation of the new government, especially since the Peshmerga still need reinforcement to overcome the arsenal Daash obtained from Five military teams collapsed. "

    The former Kurdish MP stresses that "the Peshmerga are preparing for an attack on the Elimination of Jalawla", pointing out that they "fear of injuring civilians, and avoid confronting insurgents inside residential neighborhoods, so move carefully to regain control of the Jalula."

    Militants loyal to al Islamic state dominated, on Monday, to spend Jalula, northeast of Diyala, while the region has seen exodus of civilians.


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    MP Ahmed al-Jubouri: Iraq supports the coalition government that includes the Abadi o

    MP Ahmed al-Jubouri: Iraq supports the coalition government that includes the Abadi on its implementation of legitimate popular demands

    Wed Aug 13 2014 02:02 | (Voice of Iraq)

    The leader of the coalition of Iraq MP Ahmed al-Jubouri said the coalition supports Dr. Haider al-Abadi in the formation of a new government that includes his government quickly start the implementation of the demands and legitimate rights of the People.

    He said in a statement today: "The coalition of Iraq supports Dr. Abadi in the formation of the new government in order to change and reform in state institutions, provided that the program includes government quickly start the implementation of the demands and rights of legitimate popular and start national reconciliation real Atgosai one, and reconsider the things that impacted negatively on national cohesion, particularly the de-Baathification laws and the confidential informant, with the need to amend the anti-terrorism law. "

    He Jubouri: "We also hope that the program includes government release innocent detainees as quickly as possible and to compensate them for the duration of their detention, and the building of state institutions, especially the security on the basis of efficiency and professionalism, competence, and call Dr. Abadi excluding corrupt and losers during the formation of ministerial cab coming, and rely on the saves honesty and characterized science. "


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    Hassan Alawi: nominate someone from the party al-Maliki for prime minister is a cleve

    Hassan Alawi: nominate someone from the party al-Maliki for prime minister is a clever gesture of his opponents

    Wed Aug 13 2014 01:36 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Hassan Alawi: nominate someone from the party al-Maliki for prime minister is a clever gesture of his opponents

    Upper: al-Maliki of the most prominent mistakes that led to this shocking result for him in his last minutes and the descent of military forces to the street

    Upper: Prime Minister-designate, if in accordance with the formation of the ministry to attend a week at least twice to Parliament

    Said political thinker Hassan Alawi said the changes that occurred during the twenty-four hours revealed the size of the opposition enormous former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, turning the reaction against him to gain the favor of Prime Minister-designate, noting that the nomination of a person from the party al-Maliki for prime minister is a gesture smart opponents .

    He said in a press statement: "The most important exciting developments that have occurred during the twenty-four hours, the parliamentary bloc new join him functional groups of the mass of the rule of law, in addition to the masses of Virtue and the National Reform and blocs two main Supreme Islamic Council and the Sadrist movement, non-renewal for a third session Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, was the most prominent in this option is that the blocks that were unanimous on the non-extension of the owners have chosen a candidate from within his own party, thus opening the doors in front of questionable broad that Maliki Aervd only hand over power to his opponents, but for a candidate of a leader of his party, and this gesture smart opponents The kill in the side of the principle of the extension of the mandate and the creation of a split within the party and within the coalition advocating the rule of law. "

    He said the top: "It is quite natural that the attractive power and what the benefits and privileges of legitimate and illegitimate, could push the most prominent names that belong to the al-Maliki personally, along with new candidate for prime minister, and it would be difficult for the new leader of the party, whether al-Maliki or Mr. Abadi Restoration Party of new and unification, and thus ratified prophecies precedent me that the future will be linked to the Dawa Party Bmsqubl cabinet, which happened during the four and twenty hours. "

    He continued by saying: "One of the most prominent mistakes Maliki that led to this result traumatic for him, his speech in the final minutes of the end of the period allocated for the selection of the prime minister and the descent of military forces into the street, prompting third-party local, regional, some of which were neutral to stand in a row against the idea extended its mandate, and he had to avoid this juncture and after that transcend felt that his party had split and split with state law and the man left with a minority of votes Call to fifty at best. "

    He added: "On the other hand revealed these transformations for the size of the opposition enormous, both at the level of local or regional or international President Maliki in person and not a protest against the tendencies of his party, with evidence that the alternative was of the same party, turning the reaction against al-Maliki to gain the favor of Prime Minister-designate and to degree that has never occurred during the formation of ministries in the Middle East region of the world, to the extent that payment of the Security Council to pass a resolution welcoming the candidate of the new, and the United States in one night has sent three comments hostile to the owners, and the campaign ended welcoming the candidate new to congratulate Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the candidate for Prime Minister and President and Chairman of the House of Representatives, which means that the Kingdom has opened the doors of the Gulf in front of the new prime minister. "

    Among the top: "The campaign is local, Arab, regional and international unanimously to welcome the Prime Minister of the new meant by the last displeasure of policy-Maliki radical, and this means also download the prime minister-designate in charge of what Ataqh him or anyone else doing, it has held the hopes of loose, as if the problems of Iraq will extend it stick witch predominates civil peace is achieved national unity and begins five-year project for the development and back Iraq's status in the Arab world and solve the problems of the center with the province and graduated Daash to behind the border and ending unemployment and turns Iraq easily to the image that it was in after the revolution of July 14 in the integrity of the hand and cleanliness ! ".

    He pointed out: "The choice of the taxpayer for prime minister did not come only to the image conveyed by the screens, it must be the efforts and arrangements since the advent of the results of the elections have taken place at all levels, as being uncommon political usually pass on the candidates on the inter purification plants before the diagnosis of the required nomination , and show signs of pride among institutions partisan and media-sized international attention on the issue of the formation of the Iraqi government, the reading again for this interest may indicate to what relates to the sense of the full sovereignty of the state and whether This is consistent with this Altrahibat, and the word explained, when it formed the Government of Jordan or the Government of Kuwait Do convene the UN Security Council and Secretary-General intervenes UN and the European Union to issue statements welcome or not welcome to this event? very local. "

    He added: "should not take us wave and we politicians by experienced Fenrqs to the sound of the drum, president candidate if he wants to succeed, he has only one way, as long as there are political blocs contradictory, which is that the Aigm, and turn round to the coordinator of the year for these blocks and currents rival, if the rule Vsika with signed where his predecessor al-Maliki, and if they do not govern it tyrannize governing other blocs around Viosam weak, and the only way in front of him is to accept that the so-called weak even continue as prime minister without being a governor, and this is the goal of the philosophy of the Iraqi constitution, which on the title of Prime Minister to the Prime Minister ".

    He went on top: "I've got personally messages from parties opposing show optimism this step, but carried the letters to the Supreme Council and the Sadrists on the goodwill of the categories of the opposition is ready to begin a new page, and with the scientific that things may not be that easy and that detente expectancy has does not take place in this Speed, has carried these messages to their owners yesterday. "

    He explained: "There is no doubt it is a rare opportunity in front of the president-designate, but such tasks do not need to prime minister but to the Council of Ministers feel each member of the group that the powers and responsibilities are the responsibilities of Chairman of the Board, Vickl Council of Ministers for the security of ministers and even heads of ministries, including the Prime Minister of the powers , and to be around the prime minister Jean-quality specialist for the oil, education, security, economy, agriculture, industry and health, because the position of the minister remains a political position, not professionally, and the Council of Ministers will need experts to professionals. "

    "The prime minister-designate, if approved in the formation of the ministry to attend a week at least twice to the House of Representatives, noted that British Prime Minister leads a mass in the face of opposition leader in the House of Commons in each session, if missed to travel or illness, the deputy will be substitute for it in the presence of the House of Commons, and perhaps from the mistakes of the Great al-Maliki that he was disdain of the House of Representatives at the invitation to attend. "

    And seal the upper speech by saying: "And between optimism and pessimism hope for opponents of al-Maliki said the Aivhbwa doctrines of schadenfreude pariah in the norms of politics and morality, as I hope they have to economize in betting on high rates of success in the state lacks the elements of existence and Qemomtha."


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    Details are published for the first time from the New York Times: So frustrated cause

    Details are published for the first time from the New York Times: So frustrated cause Maliki heads to America

    Tue Aug 12 2014 22:59 | (Voice of Iraq)

    long-Presse / Baghdad

    One day in the autumn of 2007, attended by President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a video conference to sign a "declaration of principles" on the future of US-Iraqi relations.

    While Mr. Bush signed over his name, al-Maliki has to pass its version of the pen on the demonstrators to sign the document. At the last minute, Maliki decided not to sign impossible that he did not read the final version of the document, but did not mention it to Bush, who were not of had the idea that the pen counterpart did not touch the paper, noted one American officials so as soon disappeared image of Bush from the screen, DNA one aide to al-Maliki him saying "Do not manipulate with the head of the United States."

    That incident that took place before nearly seven years extolled the relationship barbed fluctuating between the prime minister and American officials, were not events often as they seemed, had not been working out because it was supposed to raise al-Maliki of the unknown to power with the help of America, but the Bush and then President Obama discovered that fickle ally and is actively causing them severe headache.

    Today accuse al-Maliki, President Fuad Masum, violating the constitution, now and after Maliki arrived to the moment of truth, he will either step down or trying to retain power, for its part is trying to Obama and the American government maneuver for the last time, hoping to replace the character more reliable can reunite divided country and work in cooperation more with Washington.

    Weeks ago, said the president and his aides that it is not their duty to nominate the prime Iraqis, but made ​​clear Monday that the time has come to step down al-Maliki in favor of Haider al-Abadi - who belongs to the same party - named by President infallible to be the next president of the minister.

    President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden contacted Balebadi to congratulate him, and when it appeared the president in front of the camera to repeat the greeting in public, he did not mention the name of al-Maliki, and when asked by a reporter whether he had a message for the owners, the president left the place without saying a word, was the message.

    He says James Jeffrey, who was watching the two presidents deal with al-Maliki in his capacity as first deputy national security adviser and then Obama's ambassador in Baghdad, "he was tenacious and a fighter and will resist this, everyone has pulled it."

    He added Jeffrey, saying he was "in the end would be the responsibility of the Americans or others to persuade al-Maliki to leave, I think he would step down if he is forced into it instead of the coup, he would do what he could publicly to derail it, including the arrest of people, but the one to talk to him sometime."

    Al-Maliki - Shiite politician not known much and who spent most of the reign of Saddam outside Iraq - a surprise choice for prime minister in 2006 after months of stalemate and deadlock.

    At the time, Bush was careful to choose the Iraqis finally Prime Minister more decisive of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and encouraged Bush's ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, al-Maliki to take over the job and run the country.

    Americans did not know much about him, so they initially were using his name, where they were mistakenly call it his nom de guerre, Jawad - that Maliki himself corrected it for them, but Bush flew to Baghdad to meet him and "felt solidly internal" It is what it looks like.

    Jeffrey says, "You have to understand in order to understand al-Jaafari, al-Maliki, with al-Jaafari, we could not make it take a decision, but al-Maliki was a better leader, at least initially."

    However it was complicated, when solutions that autumn was the Americans frustrated by al-Maliki, who refused to rein in Shiite militias, and Tell adviser Stephen Hadley president's national security, Bush in a confidential memo was leaked that al-Maliki was either "ignorant of what is going on and misrepresenting his intentions," or Unable to take any action.

    In the end, Bush doubled the pressure on al-Maliki through risk perpetuating momentum and American forces maintained a weekly video conference with him in an attempt to teach the art of policy alliances.

    But the story of the signing of the placebo increased the frustration of the Americans, despite the fact that al-Maliki finally signed the agreement when the enemies of the Iraqi masterminded a plot to get him out of office.

    And some members of Congress were in agreement on the necessity of his departure, including Brett Mcgork official, who faced Maliki aide on the signing placebo.

    Bush rejects the idea, but he sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Baghdad to tell Maliki that develops itself, where she said the owners "you are the Prime Minister of annoying and terrible, without progress and without the agreement will be on your own dangling from a light poles."

    And stayed Maliki hasty, where is the process of hasty Random against Shiite militants in Basra that nearly caused a disaster, but succeeded at the last minute with the help of the Americans, and wrote Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South California, says, "I've turned Maliki man docile to John Wayne."


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    Minister al-Maliki refuses to return to the government of the Kurds

    Minister al-Maliki refuses to return to the government of the Kurds

    Dated: August 13, 2014

    Baghdad / Iraq News Network: the refusal of Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, Minister Kurds return to their ministries after they withdrew them for more than Chehr.oukal source in the Prime Minister's Office Noi-Maliki said, "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki refused to return Minister Kurds to their ministerial position After a month of withdrawal, including "indicated that the ministers of trade, health, foreign affairs and displaced blocks belonging to the Kurdish withdrew them after the attack on al-Maliki Arbil and accused of harboring terrorist elements Daash.


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    Washington warns against any manipulation in the process of handing over power

    Washington warns against any manipulation in the process of handing over power

    Dated: August 13, 2014

    Washington / Network News, Iraq: Washington warned today of any "coercion or manipulation" in the process of handing over power in Iraq, where Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki to cling to power despite the appointment of a successor to form a government Jdidh.oukalt spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marie Harff "We reject any attempt through law or in other ways to reach a solution to the crisis by coercion or manipulation of the constitutional process or judicial "She added," There are constitutional process is currently underway and we support them. "In her tweet on Twitter Harff urged President-designate to form a government university in the fastest time.


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    Currency Auctions

    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2743)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 13-08-2014 results were as follows:

    Details Notes
    Number of banks 19
    Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
    Auction price buying dinar / US$ -----
    Amount sold at auction price (US$) 290,959,000
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) -----
    Total offers for buying (US$) 290,959,000
    Total offers for selling (US$) -----

    Exchange rates ( * 1,217 Market Rate http://www.cbi.iq/documents/CBI_FORE...E_AUCTIONS.pdf )


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